Friday, June 19, 2009

We're Packing the House!

Interesting find...
As Tony and I began the packing proceedings with our upcoming "move", we did some shopping investigating and found that the cardboard boxes we usually pack in are actually more costly for us - I guess depends upon where you go but, Tony found a fabulous deal at everybody's favorite place, Wal-Mart and decided to purchase these bins as pictured...which are actually less money than the cardboard moving boxes! Only 4 bucks each!!! The regular retail price on these particular bins are approx. 9.xx dollars. Really! So, of course, we got a steal of a deal and had to jump on that! Added bonus... we can actually KEEP these bins for storage, as you'll see, Tony's awesome "meticulous" ways (lol) using labels to categorize them nicely too!

We have these bins all over the place right now, but figured it would also be easier for those assisting us in our move to figure out where to put them in the new house too - Oh and I think Tony will be making a color coded index too... he is so funny. Well, we do still have some "cardboard boxes" we will be using too) but, I so love this idea and appreciate my husband for conjuring up such a brilliant way (yet again) to handle the move this time around.

Next Saturday (06/27) we are moving out officially! Praise God for giving us the resilience to keep up with everything (including handling our new little baby Josh and all of his needs) and for those who are able to come out and help us move, we appreciate you! *Similarly, if you can make it out, a church email blast went out with the time we intend on beginning and wrapping things up, let us know if you can make it! Everyone has been such a blessing to us personally, thank you!!!

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