Monday, June 1, 2009

Weekend at Grandmom's House

What a fun weekend!

My mom's parents, Eleanor and Nicholas Del Piano (aka mom-mom & pop-pop) shown here with Joshua now the 16th "great grandson"!!!

We finally travelled to their home in Bucks County after church on Sunday. They were very anxious to meet Josh, as they only saw him in pictures for the first few weeks and were so happy to finally meet him face to face. To top off the weekend, the weather was gorgeous and we even managed to play some bocce ball (a family favorite) and of course, Dad and KS (my little sister) cooking up some BBQ meats to satisfy our cravings on a hot day! Oh, and my mom made her famous delightful macaroni salad - Sooooooo delicious!

More of (same day photos above)

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