Friday, November 27, 2009

Joshua's First Thanksgiving Dinner!

Joshua was sleeping during our thanksgiving
"photo shoot" in case you were wondering...

When he woke up; (after I finished my plate "in peace" :)
it was time to feed our little guy his first "turkey, rice
and sweet potatoes" meal with apples/blueberry treat
to top it off!

I think he enjoyed it... see for yourself on this
8 1/2 min kideo.

Our Family Gives Thanks...

Beautiful Lord... we give thanks for the colorful world
and everything in it that grows perfectly in Your time.

Beautiful Lord... we give thanks for preparing a place
for us in heaven!

Beautiful Lord... we give thanks for the feast to come!

Beautiful Lord... we give thanks for the ability to share
our gifts with others.

Beautiful Lord... we give thanks for creating the family
and expanding Your kingdom here on earth.

Beautiful Lord... we give thanks for the opportunity to
love, laugh and grow in faith with one another.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Ever heard of... KIDEO?

A must see... add your child to the videos for some laughs!!!
Absolutely funny and you can order videos too, so your child
can be the star of the show.
How can we pass this up?

Here's a link of Joshua dancing with Dora The Explorer...

Pop Pop & Joshua

Last Saturday, my parents visited our family and we always look
forward to their visit because of all of the fun conversations and
Joshua and Pop Pop are really bonding lately and I caught
this most adorable moment between them, yes, Josh started
sucking on his thumb and we caught it on video too... See below!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Backyard Gang!

Look at those faces...
Our boys just love to have fun every chance they can get!

Smile Josh...

I believe he thinks he's funny when I ask him to smile!
He's been sticking out his tongue a lot these days... lol
A new discovery I suppose.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Voice of a Veteran...In case you didn't know

Thank you isn't enough, but we say it anyway...
You are the brave ones,
the bold ones, the courageous ones, who truly bring change!

May God continually bless your lives for giving yours...

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Fun at Valley Forge, Pa! Please Welcome Tim (Tony's son, my step son)
to our family... he's been such a blessing to our home and life, we love
you Tim.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Satan's Meeting...

I confess... I'm a little video crazy lately.

Here's another good one!
At least I think so... see for yourself:
I must admit, I was taken a back by the title of this video
on Tangle and so of course,
I investigated it and found it to be quite emotionally provoking and
got me thinking about how much "life" gets in the way so easily
and that we truly do need to take more time for our Living Savior
who patiently waits for our conversation and is so long suffering
over all of us - gee, this could be very serious if we're not careful!

I hope you are humbled by this subtle, yet convincingly true video
about satan and his real life schemes to distract us away from
the Lord... that is, after all, Satan's plan, so why are we so quick to
say otherwise or ignore it?

We can't give excuses forever when we answer to a Holy God
someday -- this is what was brought to light to me after
viewing this example of what happens when we try to control
our lives...

May we be reminded of how important our
relationship with God truly is -- FIRST - at least God should be at
the top of that to-do list!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

A Child's Laughter...

Joshua would not go to sleep "on time"
a couple nights ago and seemed quite restless
for a while so,
we decided to let him play a bit...
then he surprised us with some
heartwarming chuckling
fun as he started giggling at daddy's silly noises...
check our little guy out - this is just another reason
why I'm in love with God so much...
these moments are just priceless!

Don't forget to pause my playlist below to hear
all the fun :) Enjoy!

**The video is a bit dark, but the light comes on soon
during the filming. Also, is 4 mins. long, but worth
every minute!