Monday, November 2, 2009

Satan's Meeting...

I confess... I'm a little video crazy lately.

Here's another good one!
At least I think so... see for yourself:
I must admit, I was taken a back by the title of this video
on Tangle and so of course,
I investigated it and found it to be quite emotionally provoking and
got me thinking about how much "life" gets in the way so easily
and that we truly do need to take more time for our Living Savior
who patiently waits for our conversation and is so long suffering
over all of us - gee, this could be very serious if we're not careful!

I hope you are humbled by this subtle, yet convincingly true video
about satan and his real life schemes to distract us away from
the Lord... that is, after all, Satan's plan, so why are we so quick to
say otherwise or ignore it?

We can't give excuses forever when we answer to a Holy God
someday -- this is what was brought to light to me after
viewing this example of what happens when we try to control
our lives...

May we be reminded of how important our
relationship with God truly is -- FIRST - at least God should be at
the top of that to-do list!

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