Friday, October 30, 2009

Spiritual Warfare - Do You Have It On?


So Where Did The Elements Of Halloween Come From?

Trick Or Treat. "The modern custom of 'Trick-or-Treat' began in Ireland hundreds of years ago. A group of farmers went from house to house begging food for the village Halloween festivities in the name of their ancient gods. Good luck was promised to generous donors, and threats were made against those who would not give." 3Thus these ancient pagan traditions continue today as youngsters, masquerading as ghosts, skeletons, and demons go "trick-or-treating" - begging in a sense for food while promising to refrain from evil deeds...

October 31ST. Though it was the Roman Catholic church who designated the October 31st date as All Hallow's Eve, or "eve of the holy one's day," in prelude to their November 1st All Saints' Day, it was earlier pagan peoples who gave the annual holiday the sinister meaning and traditions it still holds.

It is obvious that the elements, symbols, and traditions of the Halloween observance with its emphasis upon goblins and demons, witches and skeletons, ghosts and apparitions rising from cemeteries constitute a dabbling with the very things, which Scripture forbids to God's people and an open invitation to demonic activity. (Deuteronomy 18:10-13, Lev 19:31)

It is at this point that many will say, "But we don't worship demons on Halloween. It doesn't mean the same thing today as it did in the past. It's now just a harmless, innocent time of fun for the children and the young people."

Yet, history clearly shows that Halloween is unmistakably a "religious" (pagan and Roman) holiday. Religion is the adoration, obedience, and service rendered to the object of one's worship. It presupposes profession, practice, or observance of whatever belief and practice - in this case Halloween - as required by some superior authority. It is indisputably clear that Halloween is NOT commanded or sanctioned by Jehovah God - the true Christian's Superior, Authority - in the Scriptures.

Eph: 5:11

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Did You Know? Provoking Video...

In the book of DANIEL Chapter 12 with reference to verse: 4
it speaks about in the end times "knowledge will increase"

Quite frankly, I'm very excited by the fact that I'm living
and witnessing such an "intellectual age" in that, My Savior,
Jesus must truly be on his way SOON to save those of us
who have repented and are transformed
by The Holy Spirit aka: "saved" and set apart
from the terrible tribulation that
awaits the earth and all that is in it someday!

I've been reading The Holy Scriptures more often
now and in prayer about my salvation as well as
those around me and am realizing more and more
everyday, how much we really need to fear and respect
the Holy King of Heaven - His words are to be taken
seriously, not lightly. Living in "this world" is troubling,
attractive and tempting -- and
Satan or "the enemy" is working overtime to distract
and mislead the world through many "idols" including
the internet even as I type these words to you now...
but I want to ask you, Is God
enough? Or would you risk your eternal soul all because
it seems odd in front of others or too difficult to follow
Christ truly, in ALL things great and small? What does
your life really reflect? Are you set apart or do you look
and act like everybody else out there? Will God know you
and will you honestly know God?

Lord please put Eternity into the hearts of us all.
It matters the most and our lives
are but a vapor...

Monday, October 26, 2009

Christians & Halloween... Let Your Light Shine!

Hi Friends and Family...
I have conflicting thoughts about this particular
"evening" coming up this weekend,
since I became a born again
believer & follower of Jesus Christ and we didn't
want to compromise our beliefs and so we came
to this conclusion...

After careful consideration and prayer,
we will do what we've done
in years past... no "dressing up" as a fantasy/make
believe silly things any-longer,
instead -- use this night as an opportunity
to witness on Jesus' behalf :)

I think this video shows an awesome bold example of
what we as Christians
CAN do to partake in the outreach opportunity
this specific night provides!

Please pray and act on what you think Jesus would have
you do with your families this year and moving forward.

I pray that every parent would remember to tell your
children how much God loves them and made them
wonderful in His image, and are so beautiful just
the way they are and that they never have to
"follow the crowd", just because the world
tells them too or makes them feel... "left out"!

We are supposed to be set apart for Christ, so
please remember that as you contemplate this
decision, as you are also representing The Heavenly
Kingdom, and there are NO Goblins and Ghosts or
anything creepy or evil represented in that divine
Holy place - so, our "dress" shouldn't either.
We intend on opening our family door to show
them the love of Christ along with some sweet treats
with God's message for those adorable kiddos who need
God's people in their lives - even if for a short time!
Keep em talking... getting to know our neighbors is real
important anyway.

If anyone disagrees with this approach, I'd like to hear
about it or discuss other ways of contributing to
the advancement of Christ's kingdom here on earth.

I'd like to encourage you to keep everyone in your prayers
particularly each soul that happens to knock on your door
this Halloween,
you just may be the very vessel
God uses to penetrate their hearts toward the mighty
King of heaven so the Holy Spirit can transform them
in ways they never thought possible!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Happy 11th Birthday CHARLES!

Charles turned 11 on Friday, October 23rd 2009!
We celebrated with some family and close friends
over the weekend.

Above are some of our interesting photos
of his big day... Enjoy, we did!

Charles has made it into the Academic "Gifted"
enrichment programs in middle school this year too!
We love you very much Charles Anthony and know God has
an awesome plan for your life, keep up the good work!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Healer Dance - MUST SEE!

I miss dancing terribly and found this video
I hope you are all moved emotionally &
spiritually as much as I was when I
viewed this awesome flag ministry -
they do warfare dances and are simply
Holy spirit led...

To all my fellow dancers/students out there,
I miss you and am never far away, I'm with you
and will be back again someday!

The Government Can... Funny Ha Ha!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Guess Who's 6 months Today?

My God is a big God and He has a great plan
you see...

LOVE & HUGS for YOU from ME!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Women and "The Seasoned" among us...

"Older women likewise are to be reverent in their behavior, not malicious gossips, nor enslaved to much wine, teaching what is good, so that they may train the younger women to love their husbands, to love their children, to be self-controlled, pure, workers at home, kind, being subject to their own husbands, so that the word of God will not be dishonored." (Titus 2:3-5, NAS/NIV)

This particular scripture verse came to mind as I've observed and have been a part of myself regarding some painful "conversations" between other wives and mothers throughout my life and up until very recently too! I have a problem with something here... Speaking from my own experience; I'd like to touch base on this subject because I've been going through some tough decision making processes lately in my home life and recognized that my attitude actually "defaults" (or has been programmed) to selfishness first in regard to motherhood and sometimes even being a wife. These conversations have revealed something truly negative for me as a young wife and mother that I've heard/witnessed through the years since becoming a mother, something sad has truly been brought to light to me, in that, a large percentage of older women I've known or do know, tend to discourage motherhood rather than bless it and encourage it verbally or actively like the Word of God tells us too - let me clarify... I believe because of the "economic times" we're living in today, it appears as though it's an easy decision to just tell young mothers to stop having children (Or don't have children at all) so you can afford the things you need, or live as worldly as you want to... well of course we won't really "say it like that" but you get my point here. Aren't we really discouraging each other by making it appear as though mothering is a burden instead of a high and holy blessing from God? Have I hit a nerve yet? I hope so...

Here's a challenge for those of us who are strong willed and determined to make a difference!
I RARELY hear of conversations between women about motherhood being an awesome gift and blessing, but rather a daily need, that seems is never satisfied in us women and causes drama in our lives through complaints, bad attitudes, ignoring needs of others around us etc... Can we try to embrace our age and not discriminate ourselves any-longer and start encouraging the body of sisters out there who are on the brink of making unwise choices, you know - here's some valid examples of speaking with other young women & mothers and why its important to have more role models out there in our churches and communities: Divorce because they can't take the "family life" anymore - escape, selfishness, don't want to work at loving spouse anymore etc. - Affairs - lack of self control - an excuse to "relieve stress" and feel wanted again because family life gets in the way, life gets boring/want selfish change - emotional disillusionment thinking another can satisfy a void etc. - Abuse, speaks for itself/no control, angry at life/people - Alcohol/Drug use/Suicide... numb the pain of responsibility and tough love required to raise children in our tough society today etc. These are all horrible examples and not every person does them, but this subject or neglect of it, can lead to these issues and desperately needs to be addressed by more living examples of wives and moms who are doing the "family life" full of joy and contentment and shining as bright as they can because God leads their lives truly. Where are you? I've met few... but not enough! Dear Lord, please make me one of them!

I needed to publicly confess as well as highlight this very important issue because it's absolutely detrimental to my attitude living as a Christian woman and my salvation as well as others, which leads me to repentance constantly (which is a good place to be) but, because of this "programming" -- I have to work that much harder at Truly Loving what has been given to me as a pure blessing and not view it as a curse! Those "influences" have literally decayed my positive thinking at times, toward motherhood and being a wife - it has done a lot of damage in my thought life because of the independence, feminist way of thinking role models I've been accustomed to.

Does anyone else recognize this as a problem we sometimes face? Please comment if you feel led to, I'd like to hear from you... meanwhile, I'll be transforming my thought process yet again, into what God wants for my life more often and hopefully influence future conversations and ultimately people, toward positive change in God's way of thinking first, not out of selfish behaviors. *Let us lift each other up ladies!!! NOW! Be pursuing other women's needs, less on critical judgments - break-free of your comfort zones before its too late... Reach out in all sincerity with a smile on your face, not a look of Pity on the other - those women are everywhere, usually the ones you think that have it altogether. Things aren't easy and we already know it, help us to tame our tongue more often and speak blessing into the lives of each other now and beyond in every area... (here's a great example of what we could all focus on doing more often - Try not to focus on fixing problems by telling mothers/wives "what to do" good, rather, tell them that they are already doing good and are good at it! This is what motivates and brings about change, there is no other way to do it without that much needed all to neglected area of true affirmation toward one another :)

I'd like to close in prayer about this issue in my heart and life and for those who need more understanding and sensitivity to this matter...
Awesome Savior, Jesus, You made me and declared me wonderful in Your image and I thank you for Your compassionate heart for women and children. Nobody loves like You! Thank You for loving me like no other could possibly! Lord, may we find our peace and security in You and be more honest with ourselves in admitting our struggles and ugly vanity that overlooks Your wonderful plan which is always to bring You glory in all things no matter how hopeless it looks from out here! Lord, may each heart and life that reads this message be awakened to their own pride and discouraging thought-life that can be very destructive toward others trying to make sense of their lives and what it is You want from each of us specifically in regard toward mothering and being the wives you called us to be. May each woman learn to seek You more often and declare You, King over their lives, for REAL and not just for show - let us be like servants again, may we each learn to encourage often and lift each other up, help us to stop being so selfish and let us be open to recognize others needs ahead of our own. Lord... please change our attitude to that of Your awesome son, Jesus Christ. Amen - Give Him a shout!!!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Fun in a bucket...

Joshua wanted to hang out with his big brothers
building with Kinex and because he cannot completely
sit up on his own just yet, so daddy (Tony)
gave him some help and put him in the kinex bucket
for fun, with some added wheels for charm!

I almost fell over laughing at the site of my little
man trying to be a big boy riding in this bucket
and actually fitting quite snugly in it too :)

Ahhhh... the joys of mothering boys!
I absolutely adore my husband's sense of humor,
keeps me smiling. And look at those CHEEKERS!

Friday, October 9, 2009

My Gratitude belongs to The One...

To listen to the video without my
background music, please scroll down
and pause the playlist,
then press PLAY on video to hear
the Good News!

Love to all, enjoy the weekend :)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Allen's in 3D!

Couldn't resist this capture! (look at my little "Osh Gosh B Josh") after a long night of what seemed like "never ending laundry"... my boys made me laugh! And so I caught this hysterical moment and later joined them, yes, I have 3D glasses too!

My boys really know how to have fun, when I least expect them to and I love them so much for it... humor is found quite often in our home and it keeps me thankful! :)

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Oh... For Laughing Out Loud!

(Me, Tim and Tony)

On Friday night, Tony and I met up with my sister at PBU in Langhorne, Pa to see Tim Hawkins Live! He's a Family-friendly - Christian Comedian, and did I say... absolutely hilarious! That man has talent and he's not afraid to use it!

Please check out his site and make a point to see him in person or purchase one of his videos, its just too much fun and everyone needs a good laugh! He is a fabulous musician too... a must see for some spontaneous entertainment bonus... excellent down home Christian "keeping it real"- in your face laughs!

There's humor all around us... and he'll bring it!