Monday, October 26, 2009

Christians & Halloween... Let Your Light Shine!

Hi Friends and Family...
I have conflicting thoughts about this particular
"evening" coming up this weekend,
since I became a born again
believer & follower of Jesus Christ and we didn't
want to compromise our beliefs and so we came
to this conclusion...

After careful consideration and prayer,
we will do what we've done
in years past... no "dressing up" as a fantasy/make
believe silly things any-longer,
instead -- use this night as an opportunity
to witness on Jesus' behalf :)

I think this video shows an awesome bold example of
what we as Christians
CAN do to partake in the outreach opportunity
this specific night provides!

Please pray and act on what you think Jesus would have
you do with your families this year and moving forward.

I pray that every parent would remember to tell your
children how much God loves them and made them
wonderful in His image, and are so beautiful just
the way they are and that they never have to
"follow the crowd", just because the world
tells them too or makes them feel... "left out"!

We are supposed to be set apart for Christ, so
please remember that as you contemplate this
decision, as you are also representing The Heavenly
Kingdom, and there are NO Goblins and Ghosts or
anything creepy or evil represented in that divine
Holy place - so, our "dress" shouldn't either.
We intend on opening our family door to show
them the love of Christ along with some sweet treats
with God's message for those adorable kiddos who need
God's people in their lives - even if for a short time!
Keep em talking... getting to know our neighbors is real
important anyway.

If anyone disagrees with this approach, I'd like to hear
about it or discuss other ways of contributing to
the advancement of Christ's kingdom here on earth.

I'd like to encourage you to keep everyone in your prayers
particularly each soul that happens to knock on your door
this Halloween,
you just may be the very vessel
God uses to penetrate their hearts toward the mighty
King of heaven so the Holy Spirit can transform them
in ways they never thought possible!

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