Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Did You Know? Provoking Video...

In the book of DANIEL Chapter 12 with reference to verse: 4
it speaks about in the end times "knowledge will increase"

Quite frankly, I'm very excited by the fact that I'm living
and witnessing such an "intellectual age" in that, My Savior,
Jesus must truly be on his way SOON to save those of us
who have repented and are transformed
by The Holy Spirit aka: "saved" and set apart
from the terrible tribulation that
awaits the earth and all that is in it someday!

I've been reading The Holy Scriptures more often
now and in prayer about my salvation as well as
those around me and am realizing more and more
everyday, how much we really need to fear and respect
the Holy King of Heaven - His words are to be taken
seriously, not lightly. Living in "this world" is troubling,
attractive and tempting -- and
Satan or "the enemy" is working overtime to distract
and mislead the world through many "idols" including
the internet even as I type these words to you now...
but I want to ask you, Is God
enough? Or would you risk your eternal soul all because
it seems odd in front of others or too difficult to follow
Christ truly, in ALL things great and small? What does
your life really reflect? Are you set apart or do you look
and act like everybody else out there? Will God know you
and will you honestly know God?

Lord please put Eternity into the hearts of us all.
It matters the most and our lives
are but a vapor...

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