Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What I learned from babies...

My hope is that within this post, we may all better understand how astoundingly
patient, holy, forgiving and compassionate our Savior Jesus, really is, even more
importantly, how much we all desperately need Him!

After a physically enduring (for me that is), go (5 mos)...
at home childcare with (3 infants) mind you, I've decided to close.
With only a couple more weeks to go, I will surely miss their precious
little smiles and new developments, but trust God more fully with the
rest of their personal care and well being - and can only hope
my love and nurturing helped to soften their little hearts along the way.
You'll be glad to know that they each found another fun place to go...

Maybe you'll get a laugh out of this, or maybe, just maybe, you'll have a better
understanding of who you are and why you do the things you do:

Here's what I've discovered about myself along the way, though, not surprisingly,
perhaps, startling... you'll find the distinct similarities between those precious
babies and us, the adults:

It's easy to get what you want when you have a smile that is just irresistible
and a cute laugh to boot!
No matter how hard you cry/scream, it will never satisfy.
I didn't know how effective the use of a high pitched voice would command
the attention of babies!
Selfishness is at the very core of our being, starting in infancy.
When given the very bare necessities; food, clothing, shelter, love...
we still want MORE!
Being held in someone's arms is the greatest feeling in the world!
Making silly faces, makes everyone smile even laugh when you're upset.
Music works wonders for the soul... be very careful of your choice in music.
I have a new found respect and admiration for mothers of multiple infants!
Being tickled and giving tickles is SO MUCH FUN, try it sometime!
I'm needy, you're needy...
Even the most self controlled person has a limit or a "button" that can set off!
Being a mother/childcare provider IS the toughest job in the world!
There isn't ENOUGH money in the world to give for the work of mothers / providers!
How emotionally sometimes physically draining it is to smile, talk and
appease the learning minds of children for hours on end - no matter how I feel.
Who doesn't like shiny, squeaking movable, colorful objects?
Books are a great escape and wise past time for all.
Hiccups and "gas" are hysterical!
We all love the outdoors - there's a overwhelming sense of freedom and peace out there...
"Testing" others (patience), to learn to trust, IS a frequent exercise,
no matter what the cost or who we interact with.
All the five senses are heightened when you're in the company of joyful people!
All we want is someone who will pay attention, listen, smile or cry with us and
offer compassion.
Everyone has a soul, that needs to be carefully cared for.
Being lonely is a sad place to be, so let someone know how much you need their
company and then be "that someone" for another.
Take it from a child... let's lighten up! Some things really ARE funny.
Chaos, turmoil and sometimes tragedy, can happen to anyone in an instant!
The greatest treasure is to love and to be loved in return.
The smile of a child... priceless.

I wanted to share this mostly because of how God is re-shaping me
for holiness by my confession of sin but also, how distinctly God
made each of us with unique traits and gifts as well for His purposes.

The need for inner peace in the midst of "life" is tremendous and
as someone whose walking this road, I can assure you that the Lord
IS and always was there. It's a privilege in fact, to have and know The Savior.
Just as a child needs to be loved, therefore, learning to love in return, can we
truly know the meaning of life.

We are all God's workmanship given the choice to live in
our own flesh, offering an endless road of wants and never fulfilled or
humbly recognizing our need for a Savior, Who boldly demonstrated His love
by dying for us and then rising from the dead to prove His power and love for us
though, our needs, trials and troubles are important to Him... at the end of the day,
our lives are but a vapor, our lives are fragile just as a child's - so make it count!

Isn't it such an assurance that we are never alone in all of our journeys?...
No matter where you are at in heart, mind or spirit... God IS with us!
He made you and me! Count it ALL Joy...

As I care for these little ones, I'm reminded daily, how much I must come to the Lord as a
child of His, sit on His lap and smile and trust in Him and there He waits patiently
for me/us to return to Him.

No matter where my new journey takes me, it feels great to be alive and surrounded by
God's creations... living by faith alone, has been my greatest challenge, but a
necessary one at that!

stay tuned for my newest adventure!!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My Sister Is Getting Married!!!!

Family Announcement!!!
My sister, Krystal Lynn Spencer has joyfully accepted a
lifelong invitation to wed, Mr. Ivor Griffifh! He proposed to
my sister during a group bible study and was totally surprised!

Congratulations to the both of you... We are so happy
and excited for the future plans!!!

And of course, I accept the invitation to be your Matron of Honor!!!
Yay!!! This is going to be so much fun... stay tuned everyone for
more details and photoshoots!!!!

Check out their plans, stories and wedding details
including, all the fun, at their new site
together at "The Knot"