Thursday, July 14, 2011

A New Journey Begins...

Well... at long last, I'm writing again. I know, been quite a while.
For those of you who don't know, we've recently moved our family to a
more rural/suburban location in the Boyertown, Pa area. Can I just say,
we LOVE this place! We've got farmer's markets, racing, family restaurants
everywhere, scenic drives, best fireworks displays and lots of community events.

Our new home is quite cozy, spacious and fun... for living in a townhome community
too! It makes you just get out and meet new people, I love being forced to do that, lol.
The neighborhood is wonderful, families are often seen outdoors, taking care of their
homes, chatting with people, children playing and nearby park is helpful too.

God has truly blessed our family in many ways and we are so thankful.

The boys are adjusting well with our new transition too. Though, Charles (big brother No.
1) is away on his summer vacation, he's excited about having his own room and a
basement to play with his brothers in. Spencer (big brother No. 2) is thrilled to have
a bigger home to play in, a neighborhood with kids his age too. Joshua (Not the big brother)
had a little bit of frustration not knowing where he was for a couple of days, adjusting
to a new room, place etc. but finally is running around the house, all smiles with mommy
and meeting new little friends daily too!

Tony and I are just relieved that God gave us a new start to begin again financially,
"new smaller bills" that aren't breaking our back or bank anymore. Everything is new.
I truly missed that feeling! Change was inevitable and it has been good to us thus
far, cannot complain.

So.... that's all for now as far as family updates. We're all just settling into this new home,
neighborhood and looking forward to what God has in store for our family next! Stay
tuned for news on the job front and anything else that happens in the Allen family....
thanks for staying with us everybody!