Sunday, December 26, 2010

The war wages on...


An excerpt from "Spiritual Warfare" booklet by Charles Stanley says:
"During the Gulf War, the eyes of the world were focused on the Middle
East and the strife building in that region. In wartime there is always a 
threat of loss of life, dismissal of liberty, and emotional destruction. 
Rarely does a nation emerge from war without some kind of physical 
or psychological scars.

"However, there is a war far more destructive than the ones fought on 
battlefield. It is a spiritual war and it involves each one of us. 
None of us is immune.Charles F. Stanley

This month, I'm doing a study on this particular subject and I'm sure it's
no coincidence that its been tough to say the very least!

Years ago, I "heard" about spiritual warfare but never received a clear
definition on what it is and why it matters to me exactly. Didn't hear too
much about it in church either. Meanwhile, wondering why I was having
doubts, illness, bad attitudes, anger, unforgiveness and unable to find joy
in my life, so many constant struggles.
What's up with that anyway? Some proclaim, "you're only human"
but there is much more to it than meets the eye.

Maybe I wasn't living by God's standards, maybe I wasn't in the Word
of God, maybe I wasn't raised to defeat demonic influence, maybe I was
just stubborn, maybe I just didn't care or don't care. I have to be clear that
God doesn't punish us or cause trouble for us "despite us"...  sometimes
he may use troubles to get our attention, other times, your problem is an 
enemy who seeks to destroy you, which is why it is so vital to learn about
this subject of Spiritual Warfare before it's too late!

Until my eyes were wide opened to God's revelations, the Lord showed me
who He is and why He came and died and rose so He could live in me,
this spiritual warfare knowledge seemed meaningless to me.
Maybe this is where you are spiritually today and this message could very
well be for you.

Something to think about...
"Satan will never tell you, "I'm your greatest threat." He comes as
an angel of light often times - a counterfeit of God's truth. He has
four main objectives: to tempt you to doubt the Word of God; to 
distract you from spiritual things by overloading your schedule;
to disable you in the Lord's service by running your witness
through sin and guilt; to destroy your usefulness physically and/or
emotionally." Charles F. Stanley

"So why do we need warfare, what is so important about it and who am
I to use it?" Those are the thoughts that crossed my mind in the beginning
of my walk with the Lord.

Please make your own mind up to follow the Lord in obedience as you
seriously contemplate the following message:

"God called each of us to live a life of purity and holiness" (Rom. 12:1)
"Don't simplify the reality of Satan's presence in your life or those around
you. He is relentless. Satan wants to deceive you in believing he doesn't
exist. While Satan's power is limited, he was created by God and has 
tremendous power, knowledge, and beauty. When we dismiss God's 
warning to beware of his evil against us, we set ourselves up
for heartache and disappointment." (CFS)

In Luke 10:19, Jesus tells His disciples; "Behold, I have given you
authority to tread upon serpents and scorpions, and over all the power
of the enemy, and nothing shall injure you." "He is speaking to them
and us today, about spiritual matters and avoiding being captivated
by the mind-set of this world.

One of the most important principles we must learn as believers is
that God's Word and the victory of Christ's death on the cross
have broken Satan's power over us. We do not have to shrink back
in fear but can stand victoriously as long as the source of our strength
is resting in Jesus Christ and not our own pride.

We can't do this in our own strength, so let's meditate on
this: "These things I have spoken to you, that in Me you may have peace.
In the world you have tribulation, but take courage; I have
overcome the world." (John 16:33)

Ultimately, we must get to know our Savior. Build a relationship
with Him and don't neglect Him just as you wouldn't your spouse
or children. He needs to be our first priority in our everyday lives 
because "the war wages on" with or without us. So let's get 
fully prepared for the battle!


Monday, November 29, 2010

"Busyness" Root Cause of Spiritual Problems?

Thanksgiving... another year has passed. Christmas... quickly approaching us.

LIFE... Where does the time go? Well, there could be many answers for that question.
If we're being honest, only God knows.

Though, I wonder how many times we've spent in solitude with our Savior particularly
during this holiday season? Even on a daily basis...

Obviously, I can't answer for everyone, however, my concern is that "we" humans
tend to be "creatures of habit"so to speak and can so easily get caught up in the hustle
n' bustle of life, holidays, our children, our businesses, and yes, even ministries of the church!

We could "blame it on" the traditions of man that we've grown up with through the years,
creating our own symbolic rituals or simply because we've become a part of the world system,
dare I say!

I don't think it would be cross of me to suggest that these behaviors can easily become
a dangerous lifestyle and create a meaningless thought-life to emotional numbness,
spiritual blindness and physical brokenness.

The definition of busyness is best described as: 
"the state of being or appearing to be actively engaged in an activity"

Are you too busy right now??

Have you pushed others aside to fulfill your own selfish needs or desires?

Have you become so accustomed to living life for "you" OR the world system that
relationships and building relationships are just no longer an option or maybe 
you just don't care anymore? Jesus longs for a relationship with you and patiently
waits for you to come to Him. Let's not take Him for granted, you never know when
you'll take your last breath!

If you can honestly answer YES to these questions... I'd like to challenge you with this
scripture as a reminder of what the Lord has to say about our busyness:

"Now as they went on their way, Jesus entered a village. And a woman named Martha welcomed him into her house. And she had a sister called Mary, who sat at the Lord's feet and listened to his teaching. But Martha was distracted with much serving. And she went up to him and said, “Lord, do you not care that my sister has left me to serve alone? Tell her then to help me.” But the Lord answered her, “Martha, Martha, you are anxious and troubled about many things, but one thing is necessary. Mary has chosen the good portion, which will not be taken away from her.” (Luke 10:38-42)

Your life is worth the time because God loves you!

Monday, November 15, 2010

You and I were made for Worship!

Artist Unknown
My impression... Encounters with the Holy Spirit

Have you ever witnessed the Lord's presence in someone else?
Or captured the Lord's glory on your own? Amazing to say the least!

Some say that we cannot truly fathom His glory until we're in heaven. However,
I have experienced a very different view.

From the very first time the Holy Spirit enveloped my heart and life in an
overflowing of emotion and of God's love was when the Lord's presence filled my
room one day during an encounter dancing and I said, "Yes, I will go Lord"... in
2004, My temple (spirit, mind and body) has not been the same!

Dance/Movement has been a constant theme of my life since I took my very first steps
and I know now why the Lord chose movement to be the strongest
weapons against evil that I feel necessary to share with you today.

I've discovered that I was made to Worship the God of the Universe, Jesus Christ
above all other activities under the sun - even more than being a wife and mother!
And so are you by the way...

Some people believe Worship is as simple as singing praises, going to church,
being a part of something "spiritual" - those are all ways in which we can show
our worship to the Father however, there is MUCH much more to it!

You may ask yourself, "who is she to determine what Worship is for me?"
Well, I can tell you what I've experienced more recently, more of my testimony
to the Power of Christ in my life and so, here am I.

Have you ever watched a baby move? Of course you have.
What comes truly natural to them? Movement. Particularly when there is music on!
Turn up the volume and see what happens! This shouldn't be a revelation to

There is a spiritual matter at hand during the expression of dance that's for sure!
Some might argue that "dance" is carnal in nature, however, not so. Depending upon
your heart's desire that is. "Where the spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty"... freedom
of expression.... one could conclude, dance as a part of that.

This subject is particularly excitable to me... for obvious reasons to those of you
who know all about me. Although, it's because the Lord has designed in us
the heart of a worshiper whether we let that spiritual side out of us or not!
It's inherently there! Now, this is getting good I tell you! Let's get to the crux
of the matter here. What in the world is Worship anyway?

"Therefore I urge you, brethren, by the mercies of God, to present your 
bodies a living and holy sacrifice, acceptable to God, which is your 
spiritual service of worship." (Rom 12:1)

"Worthiness" thus, giving God the recognition He deserves... with our whole
selves! Nothing more (symbols/crosses around our necks, repetitive
prayers/religiosity) nothing less (just going to church).

God doesn't intend worship to be connected to a "place" or "thing" rather, our
heart attitude. Worshippers frequently spend some or all of their time 
professing faith, praising God, thanking God and proclaiming truths about God. 
Are you a Worshiper of the living God?

We have been bought at a high price! Therefore, honor God with your body.

For years a regular church goer or attendee at many different kinds of churches,
I was never able to fully grasp this knowledge that God made me, my whole being/
body to worship Him. I didn't realize that it was "okay" to lift my hands, shout for
joy, spin around and be joyful during worship and praise. How blind I was, how
desperate for the Lord I truly was. I hadn't experienced what it meant to worship
the Lord in spirit and in truth.

Until very recently that is. I thought it was "the church" that held me hostage because
some of them were extremely conservative almost sad during so-called Praise &
Worship time. Though, they have played a part in my spiritual set-backs and growth,
it was until the opening my heart, life and giving all of myself JOYFULLY toward
the Living God who set me free to move in His presence with complete abandon!
Kinda like David.... I get that now!

There are strongholds that the enemy of our souls sets up for us, especially in our
times of solitude and even in our corporate worship. Be aware of those tactics that
are used to hold you back from experiencing fullness in Christ. Examples of these
strongholds against us are: (Embarrassment, Sin, Anger, Bitterness and Unforgiveness)

Don't be ashamed anymore... be encouraged! Lift your hands, shout, sing, dance,
FEEL the Lord and His power and might through you.

Your body is where He (Jesus) longs to dwell and He is bursting at the seams to be
shown to the world through you... Let Him out, I dare you, you'll never be the same.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Lost my bloggy spirit along the way...

I know, I know... been a couple of months since you last heard from
me on bloggerville in case anyone is listening out there.

Although, I can say its' been important for me to take a break from it.
Relationships were suffering a bit and I needed to get back
into the praying spirit rather than just chatting online and so, we are back
on track and balancing a little better these days.

"Life" and now FACEBOOK (is also the culprit I'm embarrased to say)
has been moving pretty fast around the Allen household but God has
been faithful and good as always along the way. So, here are some updates
I'd like to share with you. *I won't have any photos for a while, our camera
is on the fritz and our mac is out of order and temporarily down,
I'm working from a laptop now.

The Fam Updates:

Tony (my husband) has been taking college courses online with
Herzing University and doing excellent! Though VERY time consuming for him
as he's working a full time demanding deadline oriented job, taking classes in
the evening and still manages to hold down the fort at home with us!
He is AMAZING and so blessed am I to share in this with him.
I'm very proud of his ability to make learning appear
very easy. He's on the Dean's List this semester too! Keep him in your
prayers for him as he works hard to accomplish his Bachelor's degree
in Graphic design in 3 yrs!!! He is contemplating a new career in the future
too... and need clarity about where the Lord would have him be, he
wants to teach design/graphic art classes online or at ITT Tech Inst.
so we need some clarification on that note. As well as pray for him to keep his
sanity in tact along the way as he leads our family :))

Charles will be turning 12 this Saturday! Boy, time flies. Always keeps his room
cleaned (I know amazing) and he's managed to also maintain an "A" average in
6th grade this year, still "gifted" academically and we are amazed at his
maturity in school, with friends, at home and with his little brothers. Charles
thrives in learning environments and is helpful in his church classes too. He loves
to learn from his dad and is constantly helping Tony fix things around the house.
Though, we deal with some unorganization and lateness from him from time to time, he's
trying in those areas and always brings us much amazement and joy around here!

Spencer has been growing so much in alot of areas as well. He loves loves loves
his little brother Josh and tries to show him the ropes around the house, it quite
amuzing sometimes and protects him with his life, its so precious!
He's been learning to take the lead instead of sulk in his "Middle Child" position
and we're so glad about that! Spence's favorite subjects
are Math and Science and LUNCH. Spence is doing GREAT in those classes.
He enjoys his classes at church too. He helps mom with chores around the house too.
Needs work in spelling and some attitude adjustments from time to time,
but he's getting there and we are so blessed to have him in our lives.
Spence will be 10 in December, I can't believe it!

Joshua is now 18 mos old! He is running around our house, laughing, screaming
and just a ball of energy. Josh loves going to nursery at our new church. Josh
is curious about EVERYTHING to. He enjoys pushing objects around a room.
He picks everything up no matter how heavy they are. Josh is eating very well
and tries new things with ease, though he had an issue when I bought him a
new cup/bottle, he kept throwing it away, but now he drinks
from He still eats his toes from time to time. Josh is very animated during
Veggie Tales movies and smiles often. We are very thankful for his little spirit around here!

Me! Been busy praying, raising three boys, cleaning, getting back into shape for dance
and working toward my certification for Liturgical Dance online with the ILDFA.
This has been awesome, learning the bible is difficult stuff but truly life changing
and I'm glad to report that I passed my first assignments/essays and video submissions
so glad to say!! Started my facebook a/c after much protest about that, but have decided
to use it for edifying purposes ONLY. Well, "I try" to keep it real, honest, interesting,
heartfelt and encouraging. I'm sure you really don't care what I like to drink in the
morning, so I typically use it for those purposes :) Our new church family has been
wonderful. We love it at Victory. The preaching is just on point in every way, the
worship/praise music is just anointed, blessed and breaks down strongholds so
we can worship in a way we've never experienced, its been amazing for us.
Tony and I have also joined a LifeGroup on Wed. nights and its been transforming us
in many ways!

ReVoLuTiOn has been "on hold" as of now but is still in the making. The Lord
has been restoring things in me like JOY and PRAISE that were lost, stolen and
broken. I believe He has been transforming me specifically for this mission field and
I'm waiting on Him and its reaching an exciting climax for future dance events!
Hearts and lives are being shaped for this ministry to unfold and its gonna be worth the
wait! Thanks kindly for your prayers and support along the way~

Well everyone, I hope you enjoyed reading our family/Life updates. We love you and
pray that God would continue to bless your lives.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

A Daily Affirmation... Take it from a child :)

I couldn't resist this awesomeness of this little girl. We can all learn something
from her. Enjoy... don't forget to pause my music below. :)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

It's Our 4th Year Wedding Anniversary!

Thank  you Tony for loving me and loving our family so genuinely!

My husband, my love, my friend... I love you. Looking forward to seeing how God will bless our
 marriage even more... time to celebrate!

Monday, August 9, 2010

He answered my prayer... abundantly!

Family, friends and fellow bloggers....

I have the most excellent news to share with you today!
God has a big plan. ReVoLuTiOn is another piece of His divine
plan for this generation that is going to absolutely rock hearts,
minds and bodies. God can use anything or anybody He chooses
for His glory to be revealed, I never gave up hope!

The Revolution has begun...

I've been formally notified by the church leadership at that they'd like to entrust me with leadership
in dance and begin holding classes sometime in the near future :) - we still
have to meet to discuss all the possibilities and most likely begin as an
inter-church program eventually expanding into the public for outreach!

On top of this news, the Lord also presented me with 2 other
opportunities to speak/minister publicly at a CAST seminar coming up
in May of 2011. As well as, an opportunity to work with GNPAL center
with youth in Norristown, Pa. My cup truly, runneth over today.

It's time for the winds of change and heaven is opening up
and pouring out blessings to numerous to count. If you have ever doubted
God's power, I am here to testify to His greatness, His timing,
His grace, His mercy, His love...

Did you know our God is also a God of order? Today is 8/9/10
I believe there is no coincidence in the timing, His timing is best!

I serve a big God and wanted you to know it! A God who is ABLE
to do things beyond human comprehension and open doors when you
least expect it and His name is above all names, JESUS.

I'm really speechless right now in so many ways and am so humbled
by this opportunity to be used by God in a big way to help inspire
and lead a generation of dancers and maybe a countless number of souls
who will be witness to these future events. The power of one!

Will you CELEBRATE and REJOICE and CRY with me today?
Thank God for His unfailing love for us and for His amazing
missions and visions He's bestowed upon all.

Stay tuned for more advertisements and news updates along the way.
I'll be seeking people,volunteers to eventually help out in some
way shape or form.

You have all helped to become a part of something bigger than ourselves,
through your support and prayers. I am so grateful!

Mom, Dad and My awesome Husband Tony, 
I believe God chose me years ago to do something, just as
He does everyone who'll tap into their faith. But I didn't 
have enough faith or courage back then, until I met Him through
an encounter dancing one day back in 2004 and through your support!
My childhood "dream" has changed a bit, but, has become a reality by 
God's grace, God's dream instead. Thank you for all of your encouragement
and support throughout my dance adventures! 
This is gonna be something, I can't even begin to tell you how 
much LOVE is flowing through me right now, LOVE for every soul right now to know
How Great is our God...

Saturday, August 7, 2010

He's Walking...

My little guy, Joshua, has become quite confident lately with some added 
praise from his biggest fan, mommy and a little practice, 
he's going SOLO.... Finally! Yahoo!

Check him out as he hams up the camera today. Rejoice with us as a new
adventure awaits the Allen family household.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Point "Pleasant" Beach, NJ

I can't believe it's AUGUST! Where does the time go???
Quick Blurb: Spencer has been away on his summer vacation with his dad
and extended families in South Carolina now for almost 2 weeks and I
miss him like crazy. We call each other often of course.
He'll be back home by the 21st. However, he's having a blast
swimming just about every day and I'm so glad he's happy!

Tony and I needed a break from our "everyday life," issues
so we decided to pack a bag, pack the baby and drive!
We spent the majority of the day trip on the road to NJ though,
ran into some construction that just added to our anticipation of
visiting the ocean again... Wow, there was A LOT of traffic,
almost 3 hours worth of sloooooow driving.

In our minds, the ocean was worth the trip though. We just wanted
to see God's majesty of "oceanic bliss" again and get away. There is just
something about the ocean that brings utter peace and refreshment,
When we got down to the beach, it was absolutely crowded... ahhhhhh!

We spent just 2 hours at the beach on the sand with Josh (his first beach trip)
and he loved it for the most part and I've included some photos for
your enjoyment. I think we're gonna go to Sea Isle in the future.



Thursday, July 29, 2010

Taking it "step by step" from Joshua

My youngest son, Joshua Gabriel now (15 months) is getting 
ready to give walking a try! We're almost there everybody :)
I'm so proud of my little guy. 

It is the most wonderful thing to hold a little piece of heaven 
in my arms every day even when the days are challenging and
the nights exhausting... 
every moment with my children teaches me what Love is 
all about, just wanted to share that with you today and also
to remind you to hug and play with your children, or someone else's
every chance you get!

Monday, July 19, 2010

My Sister's Wedding Day!

For those of you who were anxiously awaiting those memorable photos,
here are some for your delight. We had such a fantastic time, everything
was perfect for their special day.

Funny story (well, it is talking about it now:) my sister was so nervous,
she became nauseated and almost fainted (it was almost 100 degrees
on Sat.) in the limo ride over to the church, between nerves, heat and
her gown, we could all understand how she must have felt. Dad, me
(Matron of Honor) and flower girl (Olivia) and jr. groomsman (Spencer)
got the honor of escorting Krystal to the church in a sweet old school
limo a friend of the family surprised us with!

With a little TLC from a handy fan, pretzels, water, intercessory prayer
over her and some added lighthearted encouragement from her bridal
party, she managed to make it right on time to get refreshed and walk
down the aisle to her husband, Ivor and the rest, well, is history!

Waited in purity 25 years for that special day.
They are now enjoying their honeymoon in Florida. Praise God
for this most wonderful occasion of two souls becoming one all for
God's glory! Read their story and see more photos on The Knot:
Krystal & Ivor

I'm so happy for my little sister now, Mrs. Krystal Lynn Griffiths and for
my new brother-in-law, Ivor. Love you both so much!!!

**The photos I've included are random, but marvelous still - while
I work on gathering more of them.

Friday, July 9, 2010

While I'm Waiting, "Part 2"

After some time in God's Word and during research on many
dance ministries and its leadership, I've come to a wonderful

I contacted the director of the International Liturgical Dance Fellowship
Academy in Maryland and have signed up for the 10-month online
curriculum to receive my certification in Liturgical Dance;
something I have not yet attained through all of my years of dance
training. I know that the Lord has put this opportunity in my path
for a reason and I'm acting on it! Likewise, I am VERY EXCITED
about this opportunity to expand my knowledge in the dance ministry
and study both through scripture and through supplied materials of
the program concluding with a certification to add to my expertise,
by the grace of God. I am so thankful for all of this!

I will begin the program next month once my registration is
finalized and materials are received. In the meantime, I'm calling
on you for more prayer support along the way, that God would
provide quiet time and wisdom to study and write my papers during
the day "in between diaper duty" as well as a financial blessing to
help with the cost of the 10-month program.

This has been so fun and invigorating for me to share my journey
with all of you (which is not over by the way), I honestly hope
you've all been encouraged, inspired and blessed by it and through
it. Similarly, I'd love to hear from you, please keep in touch!

Here is my favorite bible verse of all time... especially in a time
like this!

Psalm 71:14-15
"But as for me, I will always have hope; I will praise
You more and more. My mouth will tell of your 
righteousness, of your salvation all day long, though
I know not its measure."

Saturday, July 3, 2010

While I'm Waiting...

It's been one month since I've called on the public, friends and
family for prayer support and presented the vision for 
ReVoLuTiOn Dance and Drama Ministry to my church family
to hold classes by September 2010, patiently waiting for a 

For those of you who don't know, I sought out my church 
family because the Lord laid it on my heart to acquire this 
ministry within a Christian environment to edify the current 
body of believers building a stronger army of sorts to 
eventually go out into our community with this ministry, 
which is also a huge part of the vision and mission.  
I wanted to give you all some updates along the way
to share some encouragement and blessings with you that 
have happened in my life thus far. 

Having more time to read and reflect, the Lord has been 
gently re-assuring me that He surely does have work that 
still needs to be done in and through me, as well as
in the area of dance and in our communities. He has told me
and shown me through His Word, that He will in fact, use me
to bring glory to His kingdom through dance at the proper time,
His time! This knowledge is so exciting to hear - that our lives 
have much worth and value on the earth and in heaven! 

I'm also enjoying the summer with my awesome children, 
who are all growing so quickly, always having smiles and
curiosities that keep me on my toes as well as enjoying 
collaboration with my husband in his new endeavors he's 
currently seeking for his career.

Although, I would be lying if I told you that I wasn't growing 
slightly weary waiting for an answer from the church leaders
I called on to support the ministry, maybe they are seeking
confirmation on the Lord that I would lead this ministry with
them? By the grace of God, I'm staying hopeful through Christ's 
strength alone and faithful in my stance to advance The Lord's 
kingdom, specifically through dance, this most wonderful gift
bestowed upon me, thirty-two years ago. 

I have also experienced some "testing" from the enemy with my
thought-life thinking at times, "I'm not qualified enough" or "I won't
have the zeal to make it last" and "I don't have the resources to put
it together" and have even thought, "people may misconstrue 
my passion and love for Christ as selfish ambition"... 
On that note, I believe your prayers have helped sustain me.
I'm glad to share that the Lord has come to my rescue again and 
has assured me that He has already overcome the enemy and not to
believe the "father of lies"! 

Truly, a period of testing for me and it's only been 
ONE! Gee, I hope the Lord doesn't make me wait
for eighty years... though, I guess He could? Yikes. 

My heart cry has been, "While I'm waiting, I will serve You Lord"
in whatever way you see fit.

Clearly there is work to do in me and I'm quite alright
with that, as I want to be useful to God :)

Meanwhile, I will continue studying to show myself approved
in whatever ways I realistically can and exercise my body as well
as my mind for future ministry as the Lord declares to us all;
For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, 
"plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give 
you hope and a future. 

Thank you all so much for your prayers because when prayers
go up, blessings come down! Keep them coming...

If anyone would like to contact me or research
ReVoLuTiOn to donate or support in any other way,

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Prayer Outreach for Dance Ministry

for an amazing mission...

Back in 2004, I answered the Lord's call to help change the
face of dance today and bring it back to its holy place it
was designed for. As you can see in our dance culture today,
there is still much work that needs to be done.
The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few
in this genre and so, we need you!

The priority of this mission is to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ
and manifest His spirit inside the heart of each dancer that will
ultimately bring about modest/holy behaviors through dance,
which has also been a major challenge competing with today's
popularity of secular music and inappropriate
dance movement that is negatively invading our culture as we speak.

My life has been burdened with this call to help my fellow sisters
trapped in this influence that is saturating young hearts and minds
and is now my responcibility to expose what God has done in and
through my life. Similarly, we want to breakthrough barriers that
have been holding "the church" hostage for so long and break out
into our culture with God's messages through movement, this art
form can physically penetrate hearts and minds through emotions
that have kept hearts hardened for so long, and bring transformation
to those watching without even suspecting it. It's the most amazing
thing when you've experienced it!

Similarly, my life has since gone through many changes/transitions
from that very first call or awakening as I refer to it as.
After I lost my job three years ago and not sure where to go,
the Lord kept after my heart and I kept after His, spending much
time in solitude and prayer. While I've been waiting,
God has been at work!

Also, after having my second son, Joshua,
another blessing, I knew it was important to stay home and care
for my little guy and was an easy decision to do so.
It's been a wonderful yet transitional year full of laughter,
tears, temporary bouts of depressive attitudes,
emotional battles, excitement, faith-testing and much growth
in spiritual maturity, though still learning as I go...

I'm so happy to say that, the TIME HAS COME again and the
Lord is renewing me and reviving my spirit to
pick this mission back up and share it with those around me once
more, quite possibly, for the rest of my days... it's always been
a part of me and where my passions are.

Likewise, I'm eager to bring the good news through this gift of
dance and drama again with people who need a personal revival;
for those that know they need one and even for those of whom that
don't even see it coming! It's to bring a societal AWAKENING in
the genre of dance!

The spirit of God is so powerful this season, this year and I'm
calling on you to be my faithful team of prayer warriors
fully supporting this awesome mission field!

Here is some background on the new movement the Lord has
been working in me, if you have any resources to support in
any way shape or form, please email me: Check it out here:

On the flip side, we must also be very aware of the strong spiritual
foe/force opposing this mission to bring dance back to its holy place
and is the main reason that I desperately need your support.
Having experienced many times of discouragement, a defeated spirit,
and doubt to move forward in this call, I need prayers for not only me,
but for the ladies who will join me or who have experienced this call
to unite for this common goal.

At times, excuses arise not to proceed because of laziness, disinterest,
discouragement or not finding time to put energy and influence
to begin this mission et c. The secular/entertainment industry
also opposes this type of dance style and brings about controversy
because of the mention of God and sadly, belittling
attitudes can happen that can destroy a Worship dancers testimony.

Therefore, because of the warrior heart within me, I have
readily taken on this holy assignment from God and
humbly go before the throne of God and before you reader,
urgently requesting the prayers of the saints, the faithful,
around our city and beyond for the following: I'm asking
BIG and SPECIFIC because with God ALL things are

To strike down the enemy and his plans/demons who or
what might seek to destroy this testimony within me and
others giving sincere praises to our Holy God, Jesus!

A location to host dance classes/concerts - rent free and/or
a dance home/our own studio!

Dancers to rise among us who have the same call, who can
minister along with me to effectively manifest God's spirit
among the community of souls who need God's grace and
mercy on their lives.

A faithfully committed financial support team for this
mission to build along side with me, a future dance
ministry organization/non profit

Talented people with diverse skills to help organize
all those details, marketing, advertisement et c...

Trustworthy, faithful, committed people to assist in
building this non-profit with me.

An overflow of God's spirit and wisdom to pour out
over this most challenging mission field ahead of

I can't do this alone, we can't do this alone!

I believe we are all called to bring the Gospel to our neighbors
somehow and this is the way the Lord has awakened my spirit to
bring forth His power to transform hearts and lives!

WOW! My son just walked into the room as I write this to you,
with an envelope boldly stamped upon it, saying:
"God will use you mightily" from the
Voice of the Martyrs subscription. This message is no coincidence
and I'm joyful to share this news with you today!

Will you help me light the fire again and join me?
We are starting a prayer chain of sorts, so forward
my blog news to everyone you know and send me an
email or comment to let me know you are praying or
supporting in some way or another as we see the spirit
of God move and where He's headed to bring His glory
through this powerfully provoking art form.

I'm keeping this post up until I get a Word from the Lord
about my next move or miraculously hear from someone
who can help to see where we're headed.

This is a public test of faith that I'd like to share because
I believe in the Power of God and believe He will work in and
through His people.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Funny Photo of the Day!

Get this green stuff off of my hands already, I'm
trying to play with the ball!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

"People Sensitivities" Do you have it?

In other words, HUMILITY and COMPASSION
Do you have them within?

I've been thinking about this subject for quite a while now
and finally have the gumption to talk about it because
I think it is absolutely necessary to have certain sensitivities
to live life as a Christian and becoming a true friend (bearing
in one another's burdens), frankly, just as a human being.
Loving your neighbor as yourself, or so the Bible says...

Being faced with many people of different backgrounds,
races, ethnicities, gender (aka: men vs. women)
even close friends and family throughout my own life,
I know how difficult it can be to sometimes "relate" to
others. You know, truly understand where they may be
coming from or giving grace and having a patient heart
even just to listen or offer a word of encouragement to
another person if need be, why is this practice so difficult?
God calls us to this practice quite often, and we can fail
miserably at times!

Therefore, I want to challenge you throughout this post
to work on your own people sensitivities as I am and
see God work miracles in and through your life, will
you join me?

I say this with an urgency, because I've been that "insensitive"
person at times in my own life as well as a "victim" of sorts
to this insensitivity and know first hand how detrimental it
can be to our hearts and minds which can sometimes lead to
a destructive thought life or negative view of ourselves and others
which leads to ultimate judgement from God himself, and
makes us down right "ugly".

Here are a few examples of insensitivity's that take place
in our lives:

Debt/Money woes between friends, neighbors or family
Lifestyles - poor vs. rich
Belief systems, different faiths, different "gods"
Parenting styles vs. Children's "rights"
Gender roles - male vs. female - husband vs. wife

Those are very specific times when insensitive words
or actions can come about, or slander takes place between
neighbors, people turning against people - no one
helping one another all for selfish reasons, you get my
drift here.

If we could just put ourselves in the shoes of others from
time to time and see through the eyes of our Great God,
then just maybe there is hope for our society and
neighborhoods. Healing can then take place, positive
action/change can happen in lives from within
and outwardly. If we can grasp the concept that Jesus
spoke so often about, "Loving your neighbor as yourself"
and bearing in one another's burden's then God may
heal broken lives, provide blessings upon blessings
to those who have lost their careers, house, whatever
the situations may be.

It seems as though, we can hold these personal grudges
against those who we "think" have done us "wrong", not
knowing the true stories behind the issues/pain because
we don't care to reach out and assist one another or believe
the best in the person. Have we become so vain to think
the world owes us favors? Sadly, much of what I speak of
revolves around money more-often than not. This is
dangerous because it corrupts even
"good people's" hearts and lives.

Will you share your wealth with someone in need?
Will you open your house to those without a home?
Will you extend a helping hand when asked?
Will you pray for those around you?
Will you be a blessing to someone else even if
they don't deserve it?

These are truly testing situations for us all, but a
convicting truth nonetheless.

Let us begin to listen to the needs of those around us
more often and actively HELP (as a reminder,
we were not put on this earth for our own pleasures)
we were meant to be in fellowship with one another
and God period. Instead of focusing so much of our lives
around ourselves, how vain is that first of all?
If this sounds like something you're doing or have done,
God can fix what has been broken, heal what needs healing and
open your heart to those around that desperately need
your love, compassion, encouragement or second chances.

Let's keep our eyes and ears open to the people in our
lives who God may very well be using to test your faith
to work a miracle in someone's life who is crying out for one.

Lord of heaven, My Father...
Will you humble my heart today and use me in a way
that will bless someone else. It is an honor to serve You.
Help me to trust in You and believe the best in others.