Saturday, August 7, 2010

He's Walking...

My little guy, Joshua, has become quite confident lately with some added 
praise from his biggest fan, mommy and a little practice, 
he's going SOLO.... Finally! Yahoo!

Check him out as he hams up the camera today. Rejoice with us as a new
adventure awaits the Allen family household.


  1. Joshua Gabriel Allen HE WALKS! Yeah Joshy you are doing it, now the FUN BEGINS... you're so cute.

    We Love You!!!

    Gramma & Pop Pop

  2. Yay for Joshua! Chloe just started walking too ... isn't is so fun to see them toddling around? Of course, now we have to chase them ... :P

  3. Yayyyyyy Joshy-poo!!!! Auntie K and Uncle Ivor are very proud of you :)