Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Prayer Outreach for Dance Ministry

for an amazing mission...

Back in 2004, I answered the Lord's call to help change the
face of dance today and bring it back to its holy place it
was designed for. As you can see in our dance culture today,
there is still much work that needs to be done.
The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few
in this genre and so, we need you!

The priority of this mission is to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ
and manifest His spirit inside the heart of each dancer that will
ultimately bring about modest/holy behaviors through dance,
which has also been a major challenge competing with today's
popularity of secular music and inappropriate
dance movement that is negatively invading our culture as we speak.

My life has been burdened with this call to help my fellow sisters
trapped in this influence that is saturating young hearts and minds
and is now my responcibility to expose what God has done in and
through my life. Similarly, we want to breakthrough barriers that
have been holding "the church" hostage for so long and break out
into our culture with God's messages through movement, this art
form can physically penetrate hearts and minds through emotions
that have kept hearts hardened for so long, and bring transformation
to those watching without even suspecting it. It's the most amazing
thing when you've experienced it!

Similarly, my life has since gone through many changes/transitions
from that very first call or awakening as I refer to it as.
After I lost my job three years ago and not sure where to go,
the Lord kept after my heart and I kept after His, spending much
time in solitude and prayer. While I've been waiting,
God has been at work!

Also, after having my second son, Joshua,
another blessing, I knew it was important to stay home and care
for my little guy and was an easy decision to do so.
It's been a wonderful yet transitional year full of laughter,
tears, temporary bouts of depressive attitudes,
emotional battles, excitement, faith-testing and much growth
in spiritual maturity, though still learning as I go...

I'm so happy to say that, the TIME HAS COME again and the
Lord is renewing me and reviving my spirit to
pick this mission back up and share it with those around me once
more, quite possibly, for the rest of my days... it's always been
a part of me and where my passions are.

Likewise, I'm eager to bring the good news through this gift of
dance and drama again with people who need a personal revival;
for those that know they need one and even for those of whom that
don't even see it coming! It's to bring a societal AWAKENING in
the genre of dance!

The spirit of God is so powerful this season, this year and I'm
calling on you to be my faithful team of prayer warriors
fully supporting this awesome mission field!

Here is some background on the new movement the Lord has
been working in me, if you have any resources to support in
any way shape or form, please email me: Check it out here:

On the flip side, we must also be very aware of the strong spiritual
foe/force opposing this mission to bring dance back to its holy place
and is the main reason that I desperately need your support.
Having experienced many times of discouragement, a defeated spirit,
and doubt to move forward in this call, I need prayers for not only me,
but for the ladies who will join me or who have experienced this call
to unite for this common goal.

At times, excuses arise not to proceed because of laziness, disinterest,
discouragement or not finding time to put energy and influence
to begin this mission et c. The secular/entertainment industry
also opposes this type of dance style and brings about controversy
because of the mention of God and sadly, belittling
attitudes can happen that can destroy a Worship dancers testimony.

Therefore, because of the warrior heart within me, I have
readily taken on this holy assignment from God and
humbly go before the throne of God and before you reader,
urgently requesting the prayers of the saints, the faithful,
around our city and beyond for the following: I'm asking
BIG and SPECIFIC because with God ALL things are

To strike down the enemy and his plans/demons who or
what might seek to destroy this testimony within me and
others giving sincere praises to our Holy God, Jesus!

A location to host dance classes/concerts - rent free and/or
a dance home/our own studio!

Dancers to rise among us who have the same call, who can
minister along with me to effectively manifest God's spirit
among the community of souls who need God's grace and
mercy on their lives.

A faithfully committed financial support team for this
mission to build along side with me, a future dance
ministry organization/non profit

Talented people with diverse skills to help organize
all those details, marketing, advertisement et c...

Trustworthy, faithful, committed people to assist in
building this non-profit with me.

An overflow of God's spirit and wisdom to pour out
over this most challenging mission field ahead of

I can't do this alone, we can't do this alone!

I believe we are all called to bring the Gospel to our neighbors
somehow and this is the way the Lord has awakened my spirit to
bring forth His power to transform hearts and lives!

WOW! My son just walked into the room as I write this to you,
with an envelope boldly stamped upon it, saying:
"God will use you mightily" from the
Voice of the Martyrs subscription. This message is no coincidence
and I'm joyful to share this news with you today!

Will you help me light the fire again and join me?
We are starting a prayer chain of sorts, so forward
my blog news to everyone you know and send me an
email or comment to let me know you are praying or
supporting in some way or another as we see the spirit
of God move and where He's headed to bring His glory
through this powerfully provoking art form.

I'm keeping this post up until I get a Word from the Lord
about my next move or miraculously hear from someone
who can help to see where we're headed.

This is a public test of faith that I'd like to share because
I believe in the Power of God and believe He will work in and
through His people.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Funny Photo of the Day!

Get this green stuff off of my hands already, I'm
trying to play with the ball!