Monday, August 15, 2011

What Happens When Women say YES... to God!

Dearest women...

What a season it has been! On September 5th 2011, I'm sailing into a
new adventure in my home on a six-week
video discussion series with Bible teacher and speaker,
Lysa TerKeurst and YOU, dear neighbor, are invited!

Here's a special message from Ms. TerKeurst herself from
the series we will be embarking on:

"No matter who you are, no matter where you've been, no matter
what your current circumstances are, nothing needs to happen
to clean you up or to make you more spiritually mature before
you start becoming a woman who says YES to God.

It can happen today!

When a woman says YES to God, her obedience sets off a chain
reaction of divine change --she changes, those around her change
and the world changes. Truly, one person saying yes to God
can change the world. I believe that with all my heart.
That doesn't mean our obedience will be broadcast
on the evening news, but it will start a series of events
that could lead many people to experience God.

I want you to know deep down in your bones that He can be
so much more than just an item on our good-Christian-girl
checklist. God is truly to be experienced in an intimate
relationship, and He invites us to encounter Him every day.

Will you accept the invitation?"

Please visit my facebook webpage:
or send me a personal email:
message for more details. Also, here's a link and a
sneak peek into the series, the interactive workbook that
is needed:

The adventure begins: September 5th (Mondays for six weeks)
Time: 10am -12

Thank you and hope to see you there: Please see TOPICS below:


1. The power of One: Celebrating stories of how God works
2. The five Questions: How to recognize His leading
3. Learning to Live Openhanded: How to receive His blessings
4. Simple Acts of Obedience Change the World: Ways to have transforming faith
5. I want to Say Yes, but I'm afraid: How to release excuses
6. So what does God want me to do: How to live in His will

Thursday, July 14, 2011

A New Journey Begins...

Well... at long last, I'm writing again. I know, been quite a while.
For those of you who don't know, we've recently moved our family to a
more rural/suburban location in the Boyertown, Pa area. Can I just say,
we LOVE this place! We've got farmer's markets, racing, family restaurants
everywhere, scenic drives, best fireworks displays and lots of community events.

Our new home is quite cozy, spacious and fun... for living in a townhome community
too! It makes you just get out and meet new people, I love being forced to do that, lol.
The neighborhood is wonderful, families are often seen outdoors, taking care of their
homes, chatting with people, children playing and nearby park is helpful too.

God has truly blessed our family in many ways and we are so thankful.

The boys are adjusting well with our new transition too. Though, Charles (big brother No.
1) is away on his summer vacation, he's excited about having his own room and a
basement to play with his brothers in. Spencer (big brother No. 2) is thrilled to have
a bigger home to play in, a neighborhood with kids his age too. Joshua (Not the big brother)
had a little bit of frustration not knowing where he was for a couple of days, adjusting
to a new room, place etc. but finally is running around the house, all smiles with mommy
and meeting new little friends daily too!

Tony and I are just relieved that God gave us a new start to begin again financially,
"new smaller bills" that aren't breaking our back or bank anymore. Everything is new.
I truly missed that feeling! Change was inevitable and it has been good to us thus
far, cannot complain.

So.... that's all for now as far as family updates. We're all just settling into this new home,
neighborhood and looking forward to what God has in store for our family next! Stay
tuned for news on the job front and anything else that happens in the Allen family....
thanks for staying with us everybody!

Friday, May 27, 2011

There's No Place Like... Home!

End of June 2011

Thank You Heavenly Father...
For your favor, provision and wisdom during our searches.
We want our home to honor You above
all and for it to be a place where family and friends can be at peace and
rest as well as much laughter, song and dances!

May your sovereign blessing be upon this home as we await
the adventures to come!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


There were so many topics to write about today on my birthday. I thought about writing how
many times I've been blessed by God, forgiven by Him, times I'm grateful for,
places I've gone, 33 of my favorite desserts, people who are dear to me, why I'm here etc.
Until I read something in my Bible this morning... I was led to Proverbs 31 and with it was
a devotional:

Strength in Wisdom 
"Homemaking is unique in combining the most menial jobs
with the most meaningful tasks; it is a challenge to 
accommodate others without losing one's own identity;
it is a demanding pursuit, but the fringe benefits
are terrific"

I believe the Lord really does speak to us if we're listening closely enough to hear Him. He's 
usually quite loud and clear too. Because He's a faithful, compassionate God, He, yet again, 
met me where I'm at today in life, one place in particular --Motherhood. Having three adorable 
boys to train up beside my wonderful husband, this blessed word brings to mind many 
feelings/emotions to me as I'm sure it does for most called to mother. 

It continues to show me just how The Father trains, nurtures, grieves, enjoys and disciplines us as 
His own children looking something like this... 

Screaming for something more... Parent says: "Not right now-you'll understand why later"
You don't understand Mom / Dad.... "Yes, yes I do"
Why can't I have what I want, it's not that much?.... "Because you're not ready for it"
I don't need to sleep, I wanna play... "Rest is good for you"
I'm gonna try it anyway, it won't hurt me... "Lord, forgive her"
Why doesn't anybody care?... "I do"
I'm in pain and hurting so bad... "I'm here with you"
and my favorite... because I said so!
you get the idea.

I think about how often the Lord has been VERY accommodating for me and has met all of my 
needs, WOW!

Today, the Lord made it so I wouldn't be alone on my birthday. I woke up to a loving husband who always gives me hugs and kisses and "that look", a son who politely asked me my age today 
so he could write a special birthday announcement on the refrigerator with a big ole' cheesy grin, an energetic toddler who just wants to be held in my arms so I can love him, give kisses and hugs whenever I want and constant laughter, and finally, a young man entering teenage years who continues to show respect to me with his gentle endearing way. I've been shown who God is right under my own roof!
I'm THANKFUL to be a part of God's plan and see daily, we're consistently loved by a big God and here to ENJOY life, work, cry, play, laugh, love, build, create, grieve, sing, dance together for the Kingdom's beautiful cause.

So, why did I choose my heading today to be "33 YEARS OF LOVE"
because all the while asking questions, seeking answers, failing, doubting, trying, and accomplishing throughout the fleeting years of my life thus far...
God has shown me His grace, mercy, forgiveness and His character through everyone I encounter, everything I put my hands or mind to, every place I step into and so on... faithfully reassuring me of His never-ending love toward me, meeting me in secret places of my heart and where I'm at quite often, I know that Jesus is all I really need and my birthday is dedicated to the One who gave me life and a transformed one today! 

Everything else God provides is surely His provision/favor and what a blessing that is to share with the world!

The sentence that popped out at me within the devotional above was; 
"without losing one's own identity" 

What is my identity? A 33 year old wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, dancer, true. But, even more, I'm an image bearer of El Elyon, "The Most High God" and of One in the same spirit, El ROI, "The God who sees" little ole' me with His purpose in mind from my very first breath of life all the way to my very end of life. He gave us value and worth beyond our own comprehension! He is everything. Loving, showing me, challenging me, training me for my very destiny... when we meet face to face someday, that eternal magnificent place in heaven, which is our everlasting home. 

"Like a ballroom dance... 
Jesus is my leading Man"

Saturday, January 29, 2011

An opportunity to Worship through... DANCE!

While Revolution is still in its development stages... 
the Lord opened a door for me to minister through dance at an 
awesome evening of Prayer, Praise & Worship at our church:
422CHURCH.COM. Check it out here! 

There is a story that goes along with this dance as most of my dances have. 
Several months ago I was led to this particular song, "Streetlight" 
by Phil Danyew. Normally, the music I've chosen to dance to has been 
to more lyrical/gospel type music so I was a bit taken a back by this one 
a more contemporary/rock and "informal" hair/dress and believe it 
represented me as I am before the Lord. He spoke to my heart and life
through this song and movement and I was so glad to share this 
revelation publicly through my dancing expression. 

The Lord started showing me visions of a routine/steps to bring it all to life 
it ended up being an outward demonstration of how my relationship with
Him looks like and so I began dancing before The Lord with all my might!

He restored to me, my joy! A dance of RESTORATION!
"The Lord appeared to us saying, "I have loved you with
an everlasting love; I have drawn you with loving-kindness.
I will build you up again and you will be rebuilt, O Virgin Israel.
Again you will take up your tambourines and go out to dance
with the joyful..." (Jer. 31:3-4)

Forgot to mention before... my garment 
colors were also deliberate, the (black) representative of sin, death/
dying to self and the (purple) shows Jesus is my life now, making
"new" daily, God's Royalty & Kingship over everything. 

The scarves/fabric used represented (blue) Heaven/Heavenly grace, 
the (silver) represents Redemption.

I was free to be "me" in the Lord and it felt... magnificent!

The lyrics that struck me the most were: "I fell in love just trying to 
understand, why You loved me first" and "Your heart is all I ever 
want to know and I'll go anywhere You want to go." Enjoy!