Monday, August 15, 2011

What Happens When Women say YES... to God!

Dearest women...

What a season it has been! On September 5th 2011, I'm sailing into a
new adventure in my home on a six-week
video discussion series with Bible teacher and speaker,
Lysa TerKeurst and YOU, dear neighbor, are invited!

Here's a special message from Ms. TerKeurst herself from
the series we will be embarking on:

"No matter who you are, no matter where you've been, no matter
what your current circumstances are, nothing needs to happen
to clean you up or to make you more spiritually mature before
you start becoming a woman who says YES to God.

It can happen today!

When a woman says YES to God, her obedience sets off a chain
reaction of divine change --she changes, those around her change
and the world changes. Truly, one person saying yes to God
can change the world. I believe that with all my heart.
That doesn't mean our obedience will be broadcast
on the evening news, but it will start a series of events
that could lead many people to experience God.

I want you to know deep down in your bones that He can be
so much more than just an item on our good-Christian-girl
checklist. God is truly to be experienced in an intimate
relationship, and He invites us to encounter Him every day.

Will you accept the invitation?"

Please visit my facebook webpage:
or send me a personal email:
message for more details. Also, here's a link and a
sneak peek into the series, the interactive workbook that
is needed:

The adventure begins: September 5th (Mondays for six weeks)
Time: 10am -12

Thank you and hope to see you there: Please see TOPICS below:


1. The power of One: Celebrating stories of how God works
2. The five Questions: How to recognize His leading
3. Learning to Live Openhanded: How to receive His blessings
4. Simple Acts of Obedience Change the World: Ways to have transforming faith
5. I want to Say Yes, but I'm afraid: How to release excuses
6. So what does God want me to do: How to live in His will

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