Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The UPSIDE of Brokenness

I was so moved by this photo from, I had to post it
as it applies directly to my thought today.

I count this as no coincidence that I am writing about this
subject today, "brokenness." It's precisely what brought
me to my knees to know The Savior, or was it, my Savior
meeting me at a place He knew would be the ONLY way I'd
become saved?

Seeing all that is happening in our world posted in the media,
all over the web, headlines in newspapers and so on...
it can be quite depressing to hear about, let alone see!

Being a Christian today, I "try" not to get caught up in
"worry and fear" about what could happen to my family,
relatives or even myself for that matter, but I do fall short
and let my mind wander from time to time.

However, it occurred to me that tragedy happens for a very
clear purpose if we're in tune with The Lord, though we cannot
possibly comprehend the "why" in our own human minds
because we thrive by holding onto people and things we
hold dear because of the relationships we've built or
whatever the case. We don't want to be alone possibly?
We rely on others so often for so many things... its a security
for us.

Please don't mis-understand, it is sad to hear of deaths
and accidents and we should go through periods of mourning
and never forget! However, there is something
we could all be missing.

We are quick to count it a negative thing in life, whether it from
a loss of a loved one, a job, our deteriorating health, a house etc.
as something that is bad sometimes terrifying, I suppose
that is normal human reaction. Although, when the truth
sets in, basically it is selfish to hold onto things that never truly
"belonged" to any of us.

Those things, actually brings us closer to the Lord, (which is
where He wants you to be) through that brokenness, that
realization that some are taken for greater spiritual purpose, not
our own or their own.

Will you confess with me that we have offended
God through our sin and made idols of people
and things that were all given from God to begin with,
the things that become more important to us and set God
on the back-burner.

Now, this may seem harsh to some
that have been through many tragedies and I mourn along
with you as a sister in Christ, though, I have not experienced
as much as others have, I'll admit. However, be assured that there
IS a blessing in the midst of all of our unknowns, why's and
terrible tragedies. I will testify to this, because,
My Savior, Jesus saved me from a terrible place called Hell
in my past, a rebellious, foolish past and I'm thankful for Him
breaking me in so many ways and washing all
my sins away through tragedy and brokenness, so I could
share the good news with you today!

It's quite frankly, the ONLY way to come to know Him.
It's also how we learn about repentance, because Lord
knows how much of a sinner I still am today, just in
different ways, as His Holy Spirit guides my life now,
but not sinning as the ways of my past, it actually effects and
saddens me if and when I sin against Him today, that is the
beautiful difference!

I've come to truly know my Savior, not all of Him, but to the
understanding that this world is not our own, our family,
our friends, our things that are so precious to us all are NOT
our own. We were all bought at a very high price through
Jesus' death on the cross and can be assured of our new life
in Him through His divine resurrection.
Jesus is bigger, greater and everything, He's why we're here!

So, you might be saying to yourself, yes but, what is the UPSIDE
to all of this talk? Well, its simple, it's all about Jesus, HE IS
THE UPSIDE! The wonderful Counselor, our Friend, our Dad,
our Judge, our Peace, our Joy, our Provider, our SAVIOR, Jesus!

When you get to the "end of yourself", if He gives you
time to do so, you'll know what I'm talking
about! Life in Jesus and being a Christian is all about dying to
yourself. So often, this is only encountered
and achieved through tragedy and loss... brokenness.

How on earth do we do this? We don't want to be broken
because it hurts and it will humble us, but that is
the only way God can live in you, we need make
room for Him, a lot of it! Truly, only through the
Lord and with His help is this really possible. It's an ongoing
process as most of us know... but SUCH a daily necessary one
that we need to not be ashamed to talk about.

I bring this topic up, because without brokenness,
this place I speak of now, may be your destiny?
The "hush hush" word - Hell, terrifies us so and is almost
embarrassing to talk about because we all know we deserve
this place. Or maybe you don't think you do, God
can only convict you of that truth. Hell IS real and a dreadful
place offering no hope and never ending torment. This however,
must be spoken of more often in churches... not as a "scare"
tactic, rather, through a reverent fear of our Lord and
King who is serious about us. We are so numb today
in america about this reality and have no longer become
afraid or fearful of that place - therefore making our
Christianity safe and a comfort zone.
God reminds us through His
Word very often about this place, He actually spoke more about
this place than heaven!

If this scripture verse doesn't convict you of your need
for brokenness, I don't know what will... Luke 13:24 (kjv)
Strive to enter in at the strait gate: for MANY,
I say unto you,
will seek to enter in, and shall not be able.
(See Also, Matt. 7:13)

Re-birth, new life, in Christ is not an easy one,
and to some a news-flash, its not supposed to be easy,
otherwise, everyone on earth would be a Christian right?

If I could encourage anyone today, let it be with this...
The God of all hope is a prayer away, let us decrease
so He can increase in everything that we do and say.
He forgives, He loves, He Justifies, He offers Mercy
to us so undeserving of it, that's right, we're all
undeserving of it! But only through a repentant heart.

Why not give Him a call today and thank Him
for putting up with you (me) and Praise Him for giving
you life so that you can bring His to others. He's
surely a Savior who knows what He is doing to better
us for His sake. It will become clearer in the end...
but lets take the time we have left to embrace the
breath Jesus has given us and make it count from this
day forward.

Friday, February 19, 2010

The Many FACES of Joshua!

Joshua Gabriel Allen is now 10 months old!
18 lbs - 29 in
He loves bath-time or "H2O"
Been sleeping through the night since 6 mos
Is the most delightful baby... ever, well at least,
I think so!
Giggles at just about everything
Likes to HUG everyone, well happy people :)
Eats books instead of reading right now?
Spits up, A LOT!
Rubs his head and rolls eyes during every bottle
Loves looking at himself in the mirror w/Mom
Little grouchy when not entertained
Likes to play on cell phones and computers too
Learning to toss and catch his toy ball.
Fav Movies: "Nemo", "Kung Fu Panda" and
Veggie Tales,"Jonah"
2 bottom teeth are in place, more coming in.
and still (working on) his
crawl... he's in no rush to grow up apparently!

"If I can't tame it, you can't either!"

"Does my head look big in this one?"

"Mom, it hurts to smile like this..."

"What can I get into now?"

"Boy, these toys are getting boring"

"Is this the last one, Mom?" My mouth hurts!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Salvation Video - Ian Thomas

This preaching is absolutely remarkable!
Dear God, where are these preachers today?
Teaching and sharing the raw truth like this?

I don't know about you, but, I need reminding or
should I say, the convicting truth like this, to
get me to spend more time with God, so He can
truly live inside of me! It has me asking, do
people really see and know Jesus Christ
when they see me or get to know me?

Our "flesh" loves the path that its on...
for those of us who call ourselves, Christians,
do we really have God living in us?

I pray that everyone listens clearly to the truth
and has more of a repentant heart after listening
to this most valuable message.

Love to all,

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

New Church Adventures...

The word, "Church" may seem scary to some, however, has never
been about the "place" per se, rather,
the people of God uniting (wherever that may be) for a common
purpose - fellowship as a body of One to give
Praises and Honor to the king of heaven,
Jesus Christ.

After 3 years attending GVF, our family has decided to move on
into another church setting. This was a difficult but necessary
decision for us at this time. Thanks to God and His amazing
timing, we have been genuinely welcomed into a new
fellowship of believers at as of
February 2010, although, not "permanent" membership,
but frequent attenders as of now.

Through the couple years with GVF, we have made so
many friendships, through small groups and have known some
really amazing people along the way and we are so grateful to
those individuals offering their time, wisdom,
resources and prayers for our family.
This is what church is to me! We were very privileged to have
once been a part of the work God
is doing there.

However, after much prayer and consideration to our
family needs at this time, we've decided to attend another church
family (which I mentioned above) closer to our home in King
of Prussia and we're happy about it and so are our boys!

The Lord has been so patient and loving toward us in this
decision and has directed us to a place that also truly has a heart
and passion for God through joyful worship and spirit led
preaching - a place where an abundance of joy abounds
and faith is rising which is where we were lacking a bit
in our walk, and desperately needed! Praise God, He IS

What I've learned in my christian walk so far, is that God
works through people, no matter age, credentials, popularity
or status or even location. Where we are, God is!
And He has done great things and is starting
revival in hearts everywhere and we are excited about it.

We will miss you GVF, perhaps we'll visit when we
can and I'll still be around bloggerville :)
We love you all so much!!!

Let's rejoice and be glad, for this is the day the
Lord has made.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Videos from JOSHUA!

Happy baby... nothing like it!
While I was resting on the floor
one day with the little ones, Josh
thought it was funny when I got up
and surprised him! Enjoy...

Working on that crawl... his big brothers were
having fun recording the view from the floor!