Friday, February 19, 2010

The Many FACES of Joshua!

Joshua Gabriel Allen is now 10 months old!
18 lbs - 29 in
He loves bath-time or "H2O"
Been sleeping through the night since 6 mos
Is the most delightful baby... ever, well at least,
I think so!
Giggles at just about everything
Likes to HUG everyone, well happy people :)
Eats books instead of reading right now?
Spits up, A LOT!
Rubs his head and rolls eyes during every bottle
Loves looking at himself in the mirror w/Mom
Little grouchy when not entertained
Likes to play on cell phones and computers too
Learning to toss and catch his toy ball.
Fav Movies: "Nemo", "Kung Fu Panda" and
Veggie Tales,"Jonah"
2 bottom teeth are in place, more coming in.
and still (working on) his
crawl... he's in no rush to grow up apparently!

"If I can't tame it, you can't either!"

"Does my head look big in this one?"

"Mom, it hurts to smile like this..."

"What can I get into now?"

"Boy, these toys are getting boring"

"Is this the last one, Mom?" My mouth hurts!

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  1. Such a cute baby. His eyes are amazing! Miss seeing you guys on Sunday.