Tuesday, February 9, 2010

New Church Adventures...

The word, "Church" may seem scary to some, however, has never
been about the "place" per se, rather,
the people of God uniting (wherever that may be) for a common
purpose - fellowship as a body of One to give
Praises and Honor to the king of heaven,
Jesus Christ.

After 3 years attending GVF, our family has decided to move on
into another church setting. This was a difficult but necessary
decision for us at this time. Thanks to God and His amazing
timing, we have been genuinely welcomed into a new
fellowship of believers at http://getvictory.net/ as of
February 2010, although, not "permanent" membership,
but frequent attenders as of now.

Through the couple years with GVF, we have made so
many friendships, through small groups and have known some
really amazing people along the way and we are so grateful to
those individuals offering their time, wisdom,
resources and prayers for our family.
This is what church is to me! We were very privileged to have
once been a part of the work God
is doing there.

However, after much prayer and consideration to our
family needs at this time, we've decided to attend another church
family (which I mentioned above) closer to our home in King
of Prussia and we're happy about it and so are our boys!

The Lord has been so patient and loving toward us in this
decision and has directed us to a place that also truly has a heart
and passion for God through joyful worship and spirit led
preaching - a place where an abundance of joy abounds
and faith is rising which is where we were lacking a bit
in our walk, and desperately needed! Praise God, He IS

What I've learned in my christian walk so far, is that God
works through people, no matter age, credentials, popularity
or status or even location. Where we are, God is!
And He has done great things and is starting
revival in hearts everywhere and we are excited about it.

We will miss you GVF, perhaps we'll visit when we
can and I'll still be around bloggerville :)
We love you all so much!!!

Let's rejoice and be glad, for this is the day the
Lord has made.

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