Monday, August 9, 2010

He answered my prayer... abundantly!

Family, friends and fellow bloggers....

I have the most excellent news to share with you today!
God has a big plan. ReVoLuTiOn is another piece of His divine
plan for this generation that is going to absolutely rock hearts,
minds and bodies. God can use anything or anybody He chooses
for His glory to be revealed, I never gave up hope!

The Revolution has begun...

I've been formally notified by the church leadership at that they'd like to entrust me with leadership
in dance and begin holding classes sometime in the near future :) - we still
have to meet to discuss all the possibilities and most likely begin as an
inter-church program eventually expanding into the public for outreach!

On top of this news, the Lord also presented me with 2 other
opportunities to speak/minister publicly at a CAST seminar coming up
in May of 2011. As well as, an opportunity to work with GNPAL center
with youth in Norristown, Pa. My cup truly, runneth over today.

It's time for the winds of change and heaven is opening up
and pouring out blessings to numerous to count. If you have ever doubted
God's power, I am here to testify to His greatness, His timing,
His grace, His mercy, His love...

Did you know our God is also a God of order? Today is 8/9/10
I believe there is no coincidence in the timing, His timing is best!

I serve a big God and wanted you to know it! A God who is ABLE
to do things beyond human comprehension and open doors when you
least expect it and His name is above all names, JESUS.

I'm really speechless right now in so many ways and am so humbled
by this opportunity to be used by God in a big way to help inspire
and lead a generation of dancers and maybe a countless number of souls
who will be witness to these future events. The power of one!

Will you CELEBRATE and REJOICE and CRY with me today?
Thank God for His unfailing love for us and for His amazing
missions and visions He's bestowed upon all.

Stay tuned for more advertisements and news updates along the way.
I'll be seeking people,volunteers to eventually help out in some
way shape or form.

You have all helped to become a part of something bigger than ourselves,
through your support and prayers. I am so grateful!

Mom, Dad and My awesome Husband Tony, 
I believe God chose me years ago to do something, just as
He does everyone who'll tap into their faith. But I didn't 
have enough faith or courage back then, until I met Him through
an encounter dancing one day back in 2004 and through your support!
My childhood "dream" has changed a bit, but, has become a reality by 
God's grace, God's dream instead. Thank you for all of your encouragement
and support throughout my dance adventures! 
This is gonna be something, I can't even begin to tell you how 
much LOVE is flowing through me right now, LOVE for every soul right now to know
How Great is our God...


  1. SOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited for you!!!!!!! I want to sign both of my girls up with you! Give me a call and I can't wait to hear details. Iave been praying for this with you.

  2. Nichole Marie,

    How Awesome is our God!!! He gave you the talent, and was just waiting for the right "season" in which to branch out with His Dance Ministry, Yeah!!! 5, 6, 7, 8 who do we appreciate....JESUS!!! We're so happy for you honey. God's Blessing are pouring out, keep waiting for His Leading, step by step. *Big Smile* !!!

    Much Love Always,
    Mom and Dad

  3. Hoooray! Praise God :) That's so exciting! I wish I lived closer and could help in some way. Hmmm....Ivor is pretty good at PR stuff. Maybe we'll do some advertising in our area too? Let us know what we could do! :)
    Krystal and Ivor

  4. How awesome! I was thinking about all of this and praying about it as I walked through an amusement park this summer. A local dance company was performing - all levels from little kids up through high schoolers. One girl was the featured dancer. I was amazed at how seductive her dance was and how the 7-year old girls were trying to be just like her. My heart broke. That's when I truly realized how much reclaiming dance for the Kingdom is.