Monday, July 19, 2010

My Sister's Wedding Day!

For those of you who were anxiously awaiting those memorable photos,
here are some for your delight. We had such a fantastic time, everything
was perfect for their special day.

Funny story (well, it is talking about it now:) my sister was so nervous,
she became nauseated and almost fainted (it was almost 100 degrees
on Sat.) in the limo ride over to the church, between nerves, heat and
her gown, we could all understand how she must have felt. Dad, me
(Matron of Honor) and flower girl (Olivia) and jr. groomsman (Spencer)
got the honor of escorting Krystal to the church in a sweet old school
limo a friend of the family surprised us with!

With a little TLC from a handy fan, pretzels, water, intercessory prayer
over her and some added lighthearted encouragement from her bridal
party, she managed to make it right on time to get refreshed and walk
down the aisle to her husband, Ivor and the rest, well, is history!

Waited in purity 25 years for that special day.
They are now enjoying their honeymoon in Florida. Praise God
for this most wonderful occasion of two souls becoming one all for
God's glory! Read their story and see more photos on The Knot:
Krystal & Ivor

I'm so happy for my little sister now, Mrs. Krystal Lynn Griffiths and for
my new brother-in-law, Ivor. Love you both so much!!!

**The photos I've included are random, but marvelous still - while
I work on gathering more of them.

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