Saturday, July 3, 2010

While I'm Waiting...

It's been one month since I've called on the public, friends and
family for prayer support and presented the vision for 
ReVoLuTiOn Dance and Drama Ministry to my church family
to hold classes by September 2010, patiently waiting for a 

For those of you who don't know, I sought out my church 
family because the Lord laid it on my heart to acquire this 
ministry within a Christian environment to edify the current 
body of believers building a stronger army of sorts to 
eventually go out into our community with this ministry, 
which is also a huge part of the vision and mission.  
I wanted to give you all some updates along the way
to share some encouragement and blessings with you that 
have happened in my life thus far. 

Having more time to read and reflect, the Lord has been 
gently re-assuring me that He surely does have work that 
still needs to be done in and through me, as well as
in the area of dance and in our communities. He has told me
and shown me through His Word, that He will in fact, use me
to bring glory to His kingdom through dance at the proper time,
His time! This knowledge is so exciting to hear - that our lives 
have much worth and value on the earth and in heaven! 

I'm also enjoying the summer with my awesome children, 
who are all growing so quickly, always having smiles and
curiosities that keep me on my toes as well as enjoying 
collaboration with my husband in his new endeavors he's 
currently seeking for his career.

Although, I would be lying if I told you that I wasn't growing 
slightly weary waiting for an answer from the church leaders
I called on to support the ministry, maybe they are seeking
confirmation on the Lord that I would lead this ministry with
them? By the grace of God, I'm staying hopeful through Christ's 
strength alone and faithful in my stance to advance The Lord's 
kingdom, specifically through dance, this most wonderful gift
bestowed upon me, thirty-two years ago. 

I have also experienced some "testing" from the enemy with my
thought-life thinking at times, "I'm not qualified enough" or "I won't
have the zeal to make it last" and "I don't have the resources to put
it together" and have even thought, "people may misconstrue 
my passion and love for Christ as selfish ambition"... 
On that note, I believe your prayers have helped sustain me.
I'm glad to share that the Lord has come to my rescue again and 
has assured me that He has already overcome the enemy and not to
believe the "father of lies"! 

Truly, a period of testing for me and it's only been 
ONE! Gee, I hope the Lord doesn't make me wait
for eighty years... though, I guess He could? Yikes. 

My heart cry has been, "While I'm waiting, I will serve You Lord"
in whatever way you see fit.

Clearly there is work to do in me and I'm quite alright
with that, as I want to be useful to God :)

Meanwhile, I will continue studying to show myself approved
in whatever ways I realistically can and exercise my body as well
as my mind for future ministry as the Lord declares to us all;
For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, 
"plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give 
you hope and a future. 

Thank you all so much for your prayers because when prayers
go up, blessings come down! Keep them coming...

If anyone would like to contact me or research
ReVoLuTiOn to donate or support in any other way,

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