Wednesday, May 26, 2010

"People Sensitivities" Do you have it?

In other words, HUMILITY and COMPASSION
Do you have them within?

I've been thinking about this subject for quite a while now
and finally have the gumption to talk about it because
I think it is absolutely necessary to have certain sensitivities
to live life as a Christian and becoming a true friend (bearing
in one another's burdens), frankly, just as a human being.
Loving your neighbor as yourself, or so the Bible says...

Being faced with many people of different backgrounds,
races, ethnicities, gender (aka: men vs. women)
even close friends and family throughout my own life,
I know how difficult it can be to sometimes "relate" to
others. You know, truly understand where they may be
coming from or giving grace and having a patient heart
even just to listen or offer a word of encouragement to
another person if need be, why is this practice so difficult?
God calls us to this practice quite often, and we can fail
miserably at times!

Therefore, I want to challenge you throughout this post
to work on your own people sensitivities as I am and
see God work miracles in and through your life, will
you join me?

I say this with an urgency, because I've been that "insensitive"
person at times in my own life as well as a "victim" of sorts
to this insensitivity and know first hand how detrimental it
can be to our hearts and minds which can sometimes lead to
a destructive thought life or negative view of ourselves and others
which leads to ultimate judgement from God himself, and
makes us down right "ugly".

Here are a few examples of insensitivity's that take place
in our lives:

Debt/Money woes between friends, neighbors or family
Lifestyles - poor vs. rich
Belief systems, different faiths, different "gods"
Parenting styles vs. Children's "rights"
Gender roles - male vs. female - husband vs. wife

Those are very specific times when insensitive words
or actions can come about, or slander takes place between
neighbors, people turning against people - no one
helping one another all for selfish reasons, you get my
drift here.

If we could just put ourselves in the shoes of others from
time to time and see through the eyes of our Great God,
then just maybe there is hope for our society and
neighborhoods. Healing can then take place, positive
action/change can happen in lives from within
and outwardly. If we can grasp the concept that Jesus
spoke so often about, "Loving your neighbor as yourself"
and bearing in one another's burden's then God may
heal broken lives, provide blessings upon blessings
to those who have lost their careers, house, whatever
the situations may be.

It seems as though, we can hold these personal grudges
against those who we "think" have done us "wrong", not
knowing the true stories behind the issues/pain because
we don't care to reach out and assist one another or believe
the best in the person. Have we become so vain to think
the world owes us favors? Sadly, much of what I speak of
revolves around money more-often than not. This is
dangerous because it corrupts even
"good people's" hearts and lives.

Will you share your wealth with someone in need?
Will you open your house to those without a home?
Will you extend a helping hand when asked?
Will you pray for those around you?
Will you be a blessing to someone else even if
they don't deserve it?

These are truly testing situations for us all, but a
convicting truth nonetheless.

Let us begin to listen to the needs of those around us
more often and actively HELP (as a reminder,
we were not put on this earth for our own pleasures)
we were meant to be in fellowship with one another
and God period. Instead of focusing so much of our lives
around ourselves, how vain is that first of all?
If this sounds like something you're doing or have done,
God can fix what has been broken, heal what needs healing and
open your heart to those around that desperately need
your love, compassion, encouragement or second chances.

Let's keep our eyes and ears open to the people in our
lives who God may very well be using to test your faith
to work a miracle in someone's life who is crying out for one.

Lord of heaven, My Father...
Will you humble my heart today and use me in a way
that will bless someone else. It is an honor to serve You.
Help me to trust in You and believe the best in others.

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