Monday, May 10, 2010

The Bridge Short Movie

Hope everyone had a Happy Mother's Day weekend! I sure did.

Now, back to God who is MOST worthy to talk about!
Has anyone ever seen this most provoking video/movie?
For the love of all that is Holy people, stop sinning! Forgive me,
as I don't prefer to mince words, however, I want this message to be
loud and clear about how much we need our Savior Jesus Christ,
the only God who saves! Look what He has done for us!
{Quick Blurb: The image portrayed as a young boy
clearly makes for a "tear jerker" just naturally, though, it was
in that moment of hesitation the father had in thinking
about the other souls upon the train that is the whole point as
I'm sure you understand now having seen it}

At first, I was just so upset at the fact he didn't go running
after his child, (he was perplexed with a BIG TIME decision)
honestly, I don't think I could have done that to my child, could you?
God did this and does this, he made us, crafted us for His workmanship,
He takes care of us if even through tragedies, one's that might
destroy the body.... its the soul that truly matters folks.
Visit - Matt. 10:28 in your Bible.

However, getting to the point of this much
deeper message of the short film, is that because of the sin Adam and
Eve committed, (which we all bare their shame today as sinners)
you see, is why Jesus was sent in the first place. He HAD to die for us,
because of God's GREAT LOVE for us, there must be a an atonement
for our sins, to be fully redeemed by the Almighty and it WAS
accomplished ONLY through Jesus's blood.

For those who've been washed in the blood and know that your sins
are forgiven, continue to respond with the Holy Spirit leading you,
just because you are Forgiven, does not give us the right to keep
on sinning without a conscience (if you are saved, you'll have more
fear of the Lord than continuing to sin).

It's quite obvious, this short movie depicts the
seriousness involved and how sometimes unaware we are to
the supernatural, spiritual battle that rages around us day to day.

Let's keep our eyes fixed on the Lord, no longer on ourselves -
similarly, people need people to reach out, speak up, someone
to love them enough you know what I'm saying...
It's true, its most difficult and we will fall short from time to time,
however, God sent His Holy Spirit to speak to your heart and life
to help make godly wise decisions, everyone of us has a daily choice.

Let's never forget about this sacrifice or take it for granted.
Please send this to all of your friends and family as a reminder
of what was done for them. Life gets in the way, have you let it
distract you too? Come to the Lord, He is waiting!

Lord, I pray that this video may release a cleansing flood
of emotion and fear into those encountering its contents
to realize the truth and bigger picture this involves.
You are good, holy and just to forgive us because of Your
Son's sacrifice for OUR sins. Thank You Jesus for dying
and rising again so that we can live eternally with you
today and always.

My heart has been burdened to share this with you today.

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