Friday, May 14, 2010

Waiting On God

You'll get a kick out of this video. You must watch this first,
before you read my post to put some things in perspective.

Did you get a good laugh?
Well I did too. It doesn't take a lot of brain
science to figure out the moral of this story does it?
I just had to share this video because, if we're
being honest with ourselves, how often do we find
ourselves exactly thinking or even acting just like that guy?

I don't know about you, but, waiting or worse, being LATE,
just grate on my nerves! Shamefully, I really can't stand it!
Please PRAY for me concerning these things... :)
I just wanna get things done "my way" and on "my time"
because time is a wasting right, life is short, let's get a
move on people!?!

I've included a list of a few places and specific situations below,
where I find myself "impatiently" waiting on something(s) that can
surely be most difficult for me to endure, you might agree to some?

In line at a grocery store and there's a "problem" at the counter
Payday seems so far away

A doctor's office waiting room, then waiting for the doctor to arrive
IN the room at times, about an 1/2 to an hour later.

At an intersection and no one is moving
At a STOP sign and no other cars are around
Your food order at a restaurant, 15 mins. is long enough :)
In long lines at a concert/event
Driving behind a very sloooooooow driver, you know the ones!
Reading a looooong blog post, you know who... lol
For tests results
In line at a "fast food" drive-thru, yeah right?
To use the public restroom
Listening to a boring speaker
For the mail to arrive
Helping someone learn something new and just doesn't get it!
Commercials, when you're watching your favorite show
On my spouse to figure me out already
On my children to obey what they've been taught
For a new friendship to bloom more quickly
On everyone else to treat me nicely and tell me what I want to hear
For the rain to go away or worse, snow to melt
For hot seasons, summertime
On a "specific" prayer to be answered
On a demanding boss, spouse or child
On a long answering machine message
On the phone listening to a robot offer you never-ending options

Do you feel my pain... lol

I would say those are on top of my "are you kidding me,
not again" list! However, I would also suggest that these
pathetic excuses that "bother me" are very menial in the scheme
of things. Though, they might set us off momentarily,
they are obviously temporary and not so major enough to lose
our faith and sanity over, sadly, it has been for me at times.

There is no doubt that I've been tested quite often in these areas,
come to think of it, every one of those situations!
I sometimes say, "God has quite the sense of humor"
understanding now more than ever that, He is my teacher
and it is for my own good that I endure all that He has put in
my path and overcome it with faith, sometimes,
"Waiting on God"

Where am I going with all of this, well,
I wanted to express how much God is still needed in my life
and to encourage you with this....

Even through conversion as a believer of Jesus Christ,
walking with Him in the daily battle field - we often times put
so much pressure on ourselves to be just right, act just right, say
the right things, be timely, live as holy as we can.
Note however, we should be doing those things
because our God, the creator of the universe, is SO
worthy of doing those things.

The bigger picture shows, that I've found total freedom
in waiting on God through enduring faith by tapping into
that well more often. Our sin nature is overwhelming
sometimes, but God's Holy Spirit is there to nudge us through,
if we'll stop and take the time to listen to that voice.
Pursuing the right actions and then acting on them, takes more of
God and less of "us" - that's what conscience is.

My faith has me always turning back God, leaning
on Him when I can't humanly handle the things
surrounding me or my life. I'm so thankful to God for this
grace and for the humility it takes to see this. Praise Him. :)

He (Jesus) is most important and all of those "little" things I've listed,
and can certainly be managed with an added dose of faith and
trust in God, knowing that He has it all under control and that
there are bigger reasons why we must wait at times.

Even more revealing to me, they have been or could have been,
opportunities to bring others to Christ. Time to Pray instead of
(curse under our breath). Times of rejuvenation. Times of offering
forgiveness. Times of seeing things from your neighbor's perspectives.
Time to be alone with God. Times of bringing grace to others.
Times to heal your soul. Times to build your own character.
Times to just to "laugh it off" and start a new friendship with someone.
Times of persevering. Time to see through the eyes of God.

I strongly believe that we all are being, constantly perfected for
His holiness for the time when we will meet our beautiful Savior
face to face. Until then, we are being "tried by many fires" -
will you burn in it or will you shine through it?

My conclusion, our God in heaven is much bigger than our
little inconveniences we may wrestle with.

If God has brought us to it, be assured, He can bring us through it!

Have a great weekend everybody! Love & Hugs, Nichole

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