Monday, May 24, 2010

Bridal Shower Photos!!!

Oh, what fun this was...
On Sat. May 22 we surprised my sister
with a bridal shower.

The Honoree was my little sister, Krystal.
In this photo, we quickly snatched her up
with a blindfold and led her to the Shower of
fun ahead!

Here are the gals of the bridal party (bridesmaids &
our niece, Olivia the flower girl), sporting the purple
shirts deliberately displaying, "TEAM KRIVOR"
Short for Krystal and Ivor (her fiancee)

I'll save some time by skipping all of the photos of her
opening gifts... here's the "after party" hat, isn't she
lovely? So in love!

Some crafty activities for the scrapbook we made for her
during the shower while she was opening gifts,
well, we had the guests handle this part. A fun idea for
a keepsake!

The added nice touch of "Delicious Tea" for favors, her favorite
past time, just like me!

The "memory table" of childhood photos, guest book
and the cake - to keep the sentimental side of the day too.

Stay tuned for the... WEDDING PHOTOS!!!
coming, July 17th 2010

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