Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Opinion on "Dog Poop Etiquette"

Readers, I must admit this is kind of a ridiculous topic to begin with, though, after witnessing this "intrusion" or invasion of privacy, more like rudeness as far as I'm concerned, I had to vent publicly!

Several people in my neighborhood enjoy taking walks with their dogs, of which I think is great if they feel the need to do that, animals need to get some jogging in to. But, I'm getting a bit livid over the fact that they are actually willing to allow their dogs to lead them by sniffing their little noses all the way up to my front door (well pretty close) and allowing their animals to defecate on our lawn! Did I invite them over, who is out there? Oh, its just someone showing no respect for our right to privacy at our home (sorry, some sarcasm there).
This is our third neighborhood that these little invasions occurred. Apparently, its the norm these days and happens often in other areas too...but quite frankly, I'm disgusted by it and feel its totally inconsiderate with regard to other people's property and privacy. I don't even allow my children to play on other neighbor's property unless invited! Am I being fair? I think so...

Given, some people have picked up after their dogs with little baggies in hand with or even without gloves (which I think is strange in every aspect, but at least thoughtful) but others have just ignored it and continued jogging/walking after their dog invaded our space/privacy. I want to also make note that there are "dog parks" out there, so feel free to use that area all you want and not to mention the most obvious of locations to train your sweet pups, your own backyard for some added consideration :)
Does anyone else have a problem with this? Am I being a bit insensitive? I don't think so.
Though, I'd love to hear your feedback on it sometime.

I believe there are actual laws somewhere out there pertaining to this problem/issue too. I actually spent sometime investigating this problem - laughing a bit at this subject thinking, WWJD? Though, its a rainy day and baby was occupied peacefully:) so I thought about posting my thought about this subject today.

In closing, I believe in reaching out to others and meeting friendly neighbors, though, this particular way just simply turns me off because I just find it to be quite rude and inconsiderate of other peoples space and privacy especially when we don't know any of these people.

That was today's "venting" session! Feel free to bark back at me if need be... Woof! nma


  1. We currently have a little pile of dog poop at the very end of our lawn ... fortunately past the sidewalk. I think it's terribly rude. That being said, most everyone that I see walking a dog in our neighborhood is also carrying a bag to pick up their dog's "business". Mostly people around here seem to be considerate so the occasional "accident" doesn't bother me too much. But if it were happening regularly, I would be seriously miffed! :)

  2. I am pretty sure that the Bible is clear about animals, they are here for us, for food, companionship or protection. Make no mistake we are to be stewards of these animals, not slaves to them. Many cultures have used animals as idols. I think this is an example of that. Don’t get me wrong, I love animals, Giraffe is my favorite next to a Lynx, but if you do not have the land to allow these animals to roam and live as God intended then you shouldn’t have them. It is not only rude it is un-sanitary, even if you choose to pick it up, you are not removing all of what the animal left behind. None of these people even consider the fact that there may be children at the address who roll around on the same ground that these animals defecate on. The thought of our children rolling around in dog poo is absolutely revolting to me as a parent. I am sure these dog owners would not roll there animals around in there waste, and yet have no problem with YOUR kids doing that. Again, animals before other people, not Biblical. Finally, I just cant see Jesus preaching a sermon and midway through excusing himself to pick up poop from his Basset hound with his bare hands and then place that hand on people to heal them, just can’t paint it no matter how hard I try. So the next time you see a 6 foot 270 pound grown man pick up his Chihuahuas' poop, please, pray for him!