Wednesday, June 10, 2009

We're Moving!

By God's grace and His unfailing provision, Tony and I were able to locate a more affordable "spacious" house to move into the end of this month! Our kids will thankfully have the same school district (Upper Merion) to continue their academic training!

We are delighted to see how God will use us as a couple to reach out and meet new friends/neighbors along with our boys! This particular home was built in 1978 (Shhhhh...the year I was born) not exactly a newer model and quite possibly the "ugly duckling" on this particular drive and with much potential - I love the space, much needed for our growing family as we speak :) Though, everything is "on loan" from the Lord anyway, right?

It has been converted into a (Twin) a very unique "sideways" Twin home - in other words: you are actually looking at the front half and we were fortunate enough to choose which half to live in and so we chose the more upgraded of the two AND slightly furnished section!!! So, our front door entrance is actually in the back.

Yipee...I'm very excited about it so I can work my creativity throughout! More pictures of inside of house will follow after Tony and I get through with it ;)

We are so thankful for a roof over our heads and an awesome family to fill each room with laughter and good times ahead!


  1. I don't think your new house is an ugly duckling in the least; in fact I think it's quite pretty and big. Congrats on your purchase! I chuckled at your header title with "Boys, Burps, and blessings"

    Where are you moving to? If you don't mind me asking?

    Wherever it is God is leading you 'eh?

    Your boys and family is very lovely.

    May I ask how you found my blog?

  2. Aah, more space! With 3 boys I'm sure you'll be loving more space! Enjoy.