Monday, June 15, 2009

"Chefs Boy R Dee"!!!

They made their own hats... this made mom and dad chuckle!!!
Being creative with our maker, learning and enjoying the "little things"
is what our family is all about!
Assistant Chef, Spencer
The Head Chef for a day, Charles!
Two of my favorite chefs in the kitchen...

Charles is learning to prepare small meals with mom. His fav is "beef ramen noodle soup" and "mac n cheese"! Spencer is our "assistant to the chef", observing the skills needed to cook for us in the future :)
Mom is so proud of them and their enthusiasm to learn how to make meals for each other first, then for our family in the future. Their muse, "Chef Boy R Dad"

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  1. I love that you are teaching your boys to cook (and that they are embracing it so wholeheartedly!) I plan to teach Carter to cook (some day.... not letting him near the stove anytime soon despite the fact that he would probably love to play with all the knobs!) Audrey already is my baking assistant :) Gotta train them young!