Thursday, June 4, 2009

President's Speech Re: Muslim "New Beginning"

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A personal note,
I almost did not post this as I don't like politics and this is my family site...though the Holy Spirit convicted me today after viewing this and because of the world we live and raise our families in, I felt obligated to share this topic today. If you've been praying for our Presidential team, please continue to do so - there is strength in numbers and "where two or three are gathered in My Name, I am there."Jesus that is.

I had a TON of thoughts to share (so I simplified it hopefully), but decided to share some pondering and let the Holy Spirit do the convicting after viewing our world's leader's speech. It's really no surprise to those of us who know the Truth of the Gospel of Christ, it so saddens my heart (but also puts a righteous fire in my spirit to share the Gospel even more) to see such faulty beliefs and compromising tolerance being pushed, spotlighted and taught throughout this nation.

If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything as they say... Well, I'm not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God unto salvation!

It's always been about a spiritual war since the beginning, we are not each other's enemies. But its difficult to trust in the leader of our nation who doesn't really stand convincingly enough on the Gospel of Christ, is just troublesome to me - and brings much confusion to those most vulnerable, the children of the world - we can't have multiple god's (Jesus said so, He's the Alpha the Omega, remember? WAIT, not to mention the fact that He went all the way to the Cross for OUR sins and then actually decided to rise from the dead to prove it and still we test Him? I don't think I could do that let alone really want to - but He did folks, He loves us enough - still we compromise on the Lord's Truth... as our president so boastfully reveals with many references toward Muslim/Islamic belief including his own family ancestry... then he quotes messages from the Koran during his speech? YIKES.... you have to choose a side Mr. President. The scriptures it seems, have gotten way out of context from the sins of many these days with everything the world seems to be "promoting", don't get me started!

I also know that Jesus refers to any idols that may become our "gods" too...but, I'm pretty sure that also covers other gods literally also, you with me here? - anything/anybody that exhalts itself as higher priority than Christ the Lord - makes sense to me!

Boy, He is really long suffering over us. We can argue this topic all day.... But is in God's hands and feet to lead us right? Oh, Wait? We ARE His hands and feet while we're here on this earth!!! Got cha Christians (this includes me too!), we don't have tape over our mouths do we or chains on our feet? Let us be so thankful and praise the Lord for our blessings...those of us who sit comfortably at home unlike those who are really the true martyrs for Christ across the globe. (its that compassionate nature I have... really)

My prayer, Lord. I praise you today because you forgive me and love me and teach me...thank you! Will you raise up more of your children to preach the Gospel's truth even more now as our spiritual foe battles and rages against us! (told ya.... I was passionate about everything)

Just wanted to share in the hopes that you will truly understand its not the leaders we put complete trust in,'s in the Truth of our Lord and Savior only, Jesus. May God draw near to you by any means necessary including a broken heart to give you a spirit of conviction to be transformed into His likeness - this includes His Holy God righteousness - so that you may truly "see"and experience His Truth, the real Peace they speak so much of but yet to find.

"Every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that JESUS is Lord oh, one divine day!"

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