Sunday, June 21, 2009

To my Dad on Father's Day...

Happy Father's Day, Dad!
Thank YOU Dad, for having a great sense of humor in everything. For showing me love and compassion while demonstrating a fine balance of the importance of leadership and having strong convictions in the face of adversity. For being a God-fearing man who delights in the Lord with your life. For loving mom with your unique way and showing me how important family bonds really are. For providing for us growing up, even when times were tough! For never giving up on me when I rebelled against you in the past. For overcoming obstacles with a lighthearted outlook. These attributes have contributed to my spiritual growth, as a wife and a mother today, I am so thankful for that most sincerely. Happy is me to be given as your daughter... :) I truly hope you enjoy every day you've been given. You're a wonderful Grandpa too!!!
We can't wait to visit with you soon! Love and Hugs.

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