Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Bible Readers Beware!

I like the "Skit Guys", they seem to have an animated,
impactful way of getting to the crux of the matter through
dramatic presentations and humor - that real life "junk"
that can get in the way of seeing
the bigger picture God meant for us.

Ironically, I've been having a problem with reading
my Bible. Sometimes, I actually become intimidated
by its length, maybe some of you can relate? excuses...
I know.

Quite honestly, sometimes I'm just lazy about soaking
in the Word. Later on, I find myself, condemning myself
for this lack of interest and then I have the wrong motivation
of a "guilt trip" in receiving my daily bread.

Refreshing news... Every day, every second, is a new
beginning and the choice is ours. Aren't we so blessed
to have a God that WAITS for us? I mean,
think about it? Who are we?
He's an almighty Holy God... and He's ALWAYS
calling to me and (us) He even forgives me (us) as long as
we keep in step with Him and admit these sins.
You can't buy LOVE like that!

I'll even put it in this fashion...
I've been like the rebellious student who refuses to
read/study before that important test and crams in
all the information right before the finals expecting
an easy A (while its fresh on my mind), how well did
that ever work out for ya? For me,
not so good! Usually failed and I don't want to be a
failure in God's eyes.

If you've succumbed to these lowly depths
from time to time, say this with me:
Lord, forgive me for this lazy attitude and lack of reading
and trusting in Your Word more often, I want to know more
of YOU, help me, shape me, teach me how to read and live
out Your Word more truthfully, I am nothing without You
and Your Word. Amen.

God has been showering my life with favor for so long, I should
know better I have become stifled and comfortable.
This is what I've been talking about in some of my previous
posts. I fall prey to this behavior too folks! Ugh.

Sometimes, I even think that PRAYER and my
good words for the day is enough as long as I'm sincere
right? wrong. We can't pick and choose which Christian
value we will do for the day, we must get into His
Word way more than we do to help us really live
faithfully to truly Honor our Holy King.

It is such a personal discipline and solely a Holy Spirit
led determination to actually read and live out the
Words of the Bible. I readily admit, my need to grow
seriously in this area of my own life.

I would also pray to you (readers), that you would begin to
open the pages of the Word of God set before you, pull them
off of your shelves and off of those coffee tables or
out from underneath a pile of "advice" books and truly
soak into His Word today! It's a grand adventure.
What are we waiting for?

Let us no longer take advantage of
the Lord, using our activities (even
church ministries) or computer time or chasing the kids
around with all our busyness as an excuse not to take time
to soak up the Word of the Lord. HAPPY READING!!!

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