Tuesday, March 23, 2010

An Awakening

My prayer for this post is that it fills you with an
immense heartfelt passion for lost souls amongst us
as well as, all of the people around our globe who
don't even know about salvation.

The Lord has been speaking to my heart and life lately
in regard to missions work once again. I find it as no
coincidence that I've been ordering books on martyrs for
Christ around the world, subscribing to bulletins, email
updates on prisoners who need Jesus and so on...

As I grow closer to Christ and in His wisdom through faith,
almost, ashamedly, I'm finding out that I have been focusing
way too much on my own (maybe some of you can relate?)
needs, my own wants, my own troubles,
my own trials (Though, The Lord cares about them, it shouldn't
take up so much of my life) and not nearly enough time and prayer
for those around me, meaning, my neighbors close to home
or down the road from me, relatives who refuse to believe,
let alone the souls that live so far away who have never
even heard of the Gospel - can you imagine not knowing
our Great Savior, or worse, refusing His name?
There ARE people everywhere who haven't!

After viewing and researching some of the staggering statistics
about Christian church missions field work and how so few are
funded, let alone, really sharing the Gospel (about the personal
prayerful relationship we can have with Jesus) out there, I'm
appalled and angered with myself and others here in the US who so
freely live at ease and comfort with our basic necessities cared for
and tended to every single day and who have the Power of the
Gospel and who have heard of Him, who have freedom that exists
from the Lord himself yet, some (correction, MANY) are STILL living
in disobedience, rebellion, rioting for selfish reasons, picketing for vain
and immoral causes, for so-called "rights" (are you kidding me?)
and privileges, killing babies for profit and selfish ambitions
(God have MERCY on us, forgive us) and even more terrifying to me...
our own fears of rejection or embarrassment, more sadly, the
possibility of suffering persecution (tough pill to swallow) in reaching
others for our Savior and the list goes on... Are you one of them?
I was convicted to tell the truth today, that I have been one of them.

Lord, break our hearts, help us shed tears for these people and
to always be ready to witness for you along the way...
I pray that you will be moved as I have been after viewing this
presentation to begin a prayer team, or go out and physically
reach out to others somehow, someway even with our small
abilities and resources and to continue the Great Commission
we were ALL commanded to by God.

If you're like me, it is sometimes difficult to reach those whose
beliefs are centered and rely on "another" god or "gods", however,
if you are looking closely,
their eyes reveal another struggle (one that you can relate to them
about) one with no hope or a "false hope" and self reliance that has
them blinded to the Truth of God's Word, The Holy Bible...
John 14:6
If you are saved, then you know the struggle you once had, but, you
also have the Victory to share with them!

We can be that LIGHT of the world, Jesus can help us reach them,
if we're willing to be His vessel. Will you go?

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