Monday, March 15, 2010

A New Language

Native American resorts and spas Santuario de ChimayĆ³ Explore ghost towns and movie sets in New Mexico
Tony and I, are on a new adventure to discover
some of Latin America's heritage, exploring in the U.S.A
Mexico and its neighbor, New Mexico in the comforts
of our home at moment. Hoping to travel eventually.
Photos above are from the Tourism website to
Native Indian area, Hispanic and Western locations from
the South in New Mexico (what a beautiful place)
It's also referred to as the Land of Enchantment!

We are presently learning the (Spanish language)
in the comfort of our home via various audio CD's,
computer technology and eventually classes featuring,
We are also open to home studies with anyone
who knows this language well enough to comfortably
teach us too!

We thought this would be beneficial in so many ways,
not only as an opening to expand our own world,
and disciplines, rather, to reach out to the
aliens/natives among us as we are instructed by God to do.

I thought this statement put it more clearly
...the current immigration debate is very political.
And the role of the church is not always the same as the role
of the state. It is difficult to know where to stand.
But the Scripture seems to be clear on how
we should treat the strangers who are among us. We too,
are only sojourners in this world; we exist by the graciousness
of a merciful God. How can we not be moved with compassion
for the plight of those, who like our forefathers and mothers,
seek only a better life for their families? For are they not like us:
made in God’s own image?
Welcoming immigrants, illegal or otherwise,
is like welcoming Jesus.
Do we not have something they need?
Isn’t there enough to go around,
really? Have we not ourselves been brought out
of Egypt?

Talk about awesome opportunity to witness (for all you
closet evangelicals out there - let's go and make disciples,
isn't that exactly what we're instructed to do?)

Also, we thought it to be a unique challenge for us as a couple
to connect with something significant together as well as
recognize and appreciate how frustrating it must be in trying
to communicate to us in English through a Spanish speaking

So, we're setting out to put ourselves in the shoes of
the foreigners among us!

Some Facts about Spanish Language:
With 329 million native speakers, Spanish ranks as the
world's No. 2 language in terms of how many people speak
it as their (first language). It is slightly ahead of English
(328 million) but far behind Chinese (1.2 billion)
(Source: Ethnologue)

Spanish has at least 3 million native speakers each in 44
countries, making it the 4th mostly geographically spoken
language behind English (112 countries) French (60) and
Arabic (57). (Source: Ethnologue)

Missionary Presence

Early in the century the Mexican Revolution, in reaction to

Roman Catholic political dominance, led to the creation of a

secular state. Measures to thwart hierarchical influence

(including closing the country's doors to foreign religious workers)

meant no legal entry for evangelical missionaries for about

seventy years. This did not, however, discourage those entering

under other classifications.

Given the lower missionary profile, dynamic autochthonous

movements developed - those with no roots in foreign missionary

efforts. Such Christian groups accounted for 57.4 percent of

Mexico's Protestants in 1982. (1) Strong national leadership has


Changes in church-state relationships now permit the entry of

missionaries. Who will respond to Mexico City's call? Hopefully,

those not only willing to be exposed to its smog and crime,

but also willing to cooperate with the church already there.


We are hopeful to learn the language successfully to be able to
communicate to our neighbors (To reach them for Jesus Christ)
in our area, our new church (which we just found out has 30
nations represented within AND this church is in Audubon, PA!)
and eventually become... Traveling Missionaries?
(if that is what the Lord would have us do).

Our boys are enjoying the new language around our house as
Tony and I (presently) sound like lunatics from another
PLANET (LOL) it's quite humorous and I will work on video
taping us at some point, so you can cheer us on and get a chuckle
out of it or maybe, some inspiration to explore new languages

It's "supposed" to be one of the easiest languages to learn,
however, having to re-train our mouths all over again is sure to
be a challenge.

Our boys aren't exactly excited about learning with us just yet,
they are still mastering the English language and would rather
play and laugh at mom and dad right now! (lol)

Although, Joshua may be able to pick up on this new language
and become bi-lingual along with us.
He'll have a head start in the work place...
FYI: Knowing and speaking another language is considered
to be a high credential in seeking employment too, above
"degree level"education, in some positions.

Please pray for us, as we pursue to explore the Native Indian/
Hispanic/Western cultures in breaking the language barrier
that keeps us from truly knowing our fellow brothers and
sisters in Christ.

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  1. that's amazing, nichole! excited to see how you are able to use the Spanish language to further God's kingdom! :)