Sunday, March 28, 2010

Holy Week Remembrance

Hosanna [Heb.,=save now; Psalm 118], an intensified
imperative, a cry, addressed to God, particularly used in the
Feast of Tabernacles, when prayers for rain were offered.
In the New Testament the crowd shouted it when
Jesus entered Jerusalem on Palm Sunday. It is used as an
acclamation in Christian worship, e.g., in the Sanctus .

Palm Sunday...
Imagine yourself in Jerusalem awaiting the coming King,
teaching us about humility as he enters this place on a donkey,
this king, this famous one of all! The man you've heard make blind
men see and bring a dead girl to life and so on.... sharing his life
through lessons of love, humility and faith! There you are waving those
palms for Him with fellow believers, singing, rejoicing, laughing,
joyful noises and dancing - celebrating the wondrous works of this
mighty man named JESUS!

The best part about this story is that we can still celebrate like this
today! In our hearts and with our entire lives - will you remember
with me this week which brings forth the ultimate sacrifice and
atonement for our sins at the end of this most Holy of weeks!

Jesus has arrived and he's about to do great battles in your life and
transform you like never before! Will you celebrate this awesome
Lord of heaven, named JESUS with me today?
I hope you will and take a moment to thank the Lord for his life that
has taught us so many things... especially to LOVE.

Looking forward to sharing more blessings with you, as this week
reaches a climactic turn of events that is truly life changing!

Lord God Almighty,
We want to see You in the light of Your glory and share
in this remembrance with others and remember to honor
You with all that is in us - waving those Palms in spirit
and in truth. Rejoicing in honor over You and what You
are about to do and what You have already done!


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