Thursday, July 16, 2009

We're BACK!!!

Josh is 3 mos old TODAY!!! He's developing right on track... more moments to share with you all soon!

Did ya miss us?
Well...WE missed all of you terribly!

Can I just say how ridiculously spoiled I am with phone and internet connections in this day and age! I about lost my mind without having our internet and basic phone hooked up (for 3 whole weeks)!!! Those of you who truly know me, will understand how difficult that was for little ole me ;(

WOW... Did I have time to discover LOTS about me I would rather not go through again, lol. I started out okay, busy with Josh and decorating, but approximately after a week still without new phone service to our place, my patience let's just say, was wearing quite THIN:) Argh!!! I really have to stop sharing my weaknesses, because it seems that I get "tested" on them frequently, but I'm passing through... feeling quite blessed these days too! Long story short, we've successfully moved into our new home and are getting settled surpassingly quickly given new baby needs and all of the new housing demands alike. Some areas of our new home have boxes yet to be opened, though, with our wild and crazy boys on vacation (I miss em so much though) with their extended families this month, Tony and I have had some time to ourselves to complete the move in a semi orderly fashion and some time to kick back and relax a bit this summer!

We'll be posting some more photos again soon... missed ya all and hope the Lord has been working in you as much as He's been in my life these days.

Also, I'd like to give a virtual note of THANKS to the following men who stepped up (with short notice too) and helped us with our recent move - We are so appreciative of your time given up to help us out and to have you in our lives!

Dan Sherry
Larry Noonan
Nick Kiriakidi
and of course, my mom and dad who have helped out enormously with baby needs, food and moral support during this time!

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