Friday, July 17, 2009

Welcome to our New Home!

I just realized these photos are showing up from from "last section of house to entrance" is the way blogging posts are and completely forgot about that...ooops, well, you get the idea. Enjoy the walk through...backwards!

This is part of our BACKYARD - There is another small porch off of our Kitchen area, which is great for me when I'm cooking and smoking up the place!!!
View from our front door - again, this house has little touches that are just too cool.
Exiting the FOYER to go outside - I really love this room, also has great little touches (a phone and magazine "built into wall" area near desk - can't see it in this photo though) to make for a cozy friendly little place.
Heading downstairs "view" - can you see the "in the wall BOOKCASE"? We totally LOVE this...brings so much character to the house, it has so many little touches of built in decor that come into good use for us!
Okay, back downstairs we go...
Bathroom FLOOR - I am so proud of Tony for putting these new tiles in for us (Home Depot - the place to GO!)...they look gorgeous. Should have taken a before and after photo of what it looked like before the new tiles... ugh! But loving this - feels great on the tootsies too!
Vanity section of bathroom - we actually had to "spray paint" (don't ask) the faucet b/c it was so corroded, well, just until we can put some new plumbing together!!! We like getting creative.
Almost forgot, the BATHROOM - Thinking about some more bold/warm colors for this room too? or maybe something totally different...hmmmmm, we'll see!
Okay...this is walking down the hallway toward big brother Charles's room (yes, he gets his own room which works out nicely for all of our boys - you know those important times to grow and change into young men and learn what it takes to take care of your own things :)... I just can't show his room right now, because its chaotic to say the very least and just not quite settled yet! But we're getting there!
Josh's section of their SAFARI room!!
Josh and Spencer's BEDROOM - We had to combine them as the rooms upstairs were a little bit "cozier" than we thought and so Spence and Josh are sharing some fun times in their SAFARI brother room together! Again, can't wait to PAINT those walls!!!
I'm buggin because the color of this room is a headache for me personally (not a big pastel fan) and does not blend well with our bedding as you can see, so gives me an excuse to throw some new bold warm paint on the walls and go crazy! Needing some curtain ideas too...
Big bedroom furniture fitting quite snugly in our new bedroom.
Cool added touch of wooden STEPS into our "Mommy and Daddy Master Bedroom" - Tony and I found out during "move in" that our bedroom decor/furniture was so huge for our new room, so we have only one way to basically design our room as far as furniture is concerned, but, gives me a reason to be crafty and creative! We'll see what happens...
Lots of exercise on our new STAIRCASE...all together there are 15 steps to climb to get to that all time favorite relaxing place, BED and Potty time!
LR again - other side - entertainment unit and about to head upstairs!
Other half of KITCHEN - Doesn't the mess just bug ya yet? lol
Entering the KITCHEN - Definitely my favorite place to be and roomier for inviting guests now and actually eating together as a family at a kitchen table again!
LR - Getting there, a bit messy like I warned ya, but I love the space! High ceilings are sweet too.
Exiting our FOYER into our LR
Tony and I have decided to make it our "sanctuary" part of the house, to read and reflect on the day with God, family and friends!

Here are some photos of our new place in King of Prussia, Pa! Please bear with me, as I know there is quite a mess in some areas and you will probably be "itching" to move some stuff around as you glance over these photos...ha ha, I was! Still need to paint, rearrange lots of things...although, we have come pretty far, enjoy the walk through!

We are thanking the Lord for everything He has provided for us and are still in awe of Him and His magnificent ways He shows us His love and provision, even when we've doubted Him in the past. He loves us and loves you, remember to thank Him today!

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