Monday, July 27, 2009

Are you really In Love...with God?

Tony and I are studying this CrAZy book by Francis Chan. It's all about living out "crazy love" for our Maker and Creator of the universe, God and His son sent to die so we could live, Jesus! Learning how to really love Him and acknowledge Him in everything we do! Talk about a wake up call. So far, these readings and thoroughly thought-provoking chapters; including "Profile of the Lukewarm" - "Serving Left Overs to God" and 'Your Best Life...Later" have SO encouraged me to talk to God more often, repent, double check my walk as well as my talk and learning to live out my faith and not my "label called, Christian" in trusting the Savior with my life!

I wanted to share this information with you in the hopes of encouraging your walk with Christ to go deeper! To live as though it were your last... we've all talked about that before, but do we really believe that it could very well be our last day here on earth? Meaning... have you done everything you could to show others (your spouse, child, relatives, neighbors)... Jesus Love, especially after an argument, have you made up and made "right" with those people? Have you taken moments throughout the day to remember to call or write to someone you've offended moreover, have you really forgiven someone whose hurt you and moved on mentally, emotionally and/or physically, without a grudge? Do you offer forgiveness in your daily living? I don't know about you, but, I am SO challenged by this!

Those are just some of the deep topics covered within this amazing book which also comes with a DVD if interested! You see, he challenges us to live Crazy Love... not as emotionally weak or "careless" loving, but truly a passionate love for Jesus, The Savior of the world. The One who deserves it and is worthy of our praise and obedience. This book reveals some alarming statistics about fellow Christians and you may find that you are part of the percentage that needs this wake up call. Holiness is why we were made, to be like Him in all ways, specifically, to serve others. Talk about humility, this is truly an everyday challenge!

Take a walk with Francis, as he willingly challenges churches and Christians alike to actually live out their "talk" and prepares us/ "warns" us through many Scripture references as well as from his own life experiences, to stop being so comfortable here on earth and playing it "safe" as a Christian in many areas. *If you get the book, he'll explain what this means in humble detail. ***Some may find his statements to be slightly controversial or possibly, outrageously impossible, truth is, God IS crazy about us (did you catch that?) and cares more about us than any earthly human being! Francis gets to the core of the matter, through, bold and uncompromising insight into a life lived out in complete love with our Savior which in turn leads us to open our hearts to God's possibilities and living our lives on purpose for His purposes, until the Lord calls us home!

Are we really pleasing God first or walking in the flesh too often? News flash...Our supposed hurt "feelings" WILL come and go, that is if you are forgiven much...though, God doesn't need our feelings, in fact, they really don't matter (I'm a bit of a "sensitive" person, so this statement touched me kind of deeply) Truth- the Lord takes away our "hurts" anyway and is bigger, than anyone of them...nothing truly matters except for our love relationship with our Father in heaven...that is what is so CRAZY or is it?

God requires our obedience whether its popular or not, its quite difficult for me too. Though, we cannot listen to the guilt ridden voices of satan any longer. I personally have been so moved by this book and to the words God has been saying to me through boldly embrace this challenge of being in complete love with my Savior, as I finish up this study with my husband. I do pray that you may see His love, His grace, His faith, His loyalty to His people through me and my family even more now!

May you be overwhelmed by a relentless God!

Check out his site for some awesome videos or to order this life changing book:

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