Wednesday, July 29, 2009

JK Wedding Entrance...DANCE?

Hi fellow bloggers and visitors, I'm sure by now you have seen (or have heard about) the infamous wedding entrance by Jill and Kevin via If not, please view it here:

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I must comment on this because being a dancer myself, I thought this was absolutely wonderful - though I would have chosen a different song most likely and a more formal dress for the wedding party (because I'm conservative), but I have to say how joyful and emotionally moving it was to see a couple and their friends so HAPPY to actually DANCE their way down the aisle before the Lord (YES, in church) and in sync with each other- its so natural to dance especially before the Lord (we all remember David) and I was personally filled up with Joy for them because they chose to do something that was special to them without making it blasphemous in church as far as I could see, as a couple and take away the solemn tradition of "robotic" step by step slow walking down the aisle...and with their closest family and friends without hesitation! We should celebrate this day, they are getting married! Also, the togetherness of the "choreography" was great because they all let go of their inhibitions and I saw complete Joy expressed from each party member in this hope filled occasion!

Curiosity: If anyone disagrees with what they did, I'd like to hear your comments and hear others perspective on wedding ceremonies, just for blogs sake. One other thing that I feel was a bit unnecessary though, was the usage of the sunglasses, but I get it. *And the woman preacher...if someone could give me some solid biblical truth about women heading up a church, please share it with me, because I don't believe women should be in a headship role before the congregation.

Personal observation: The people in the pews beforehand were serious and expecting the usual tradition and I love how they began smiling with joy and from the element of surprise of the uplifting tune as they watched before their eyes a CELEBRATION unfolding with two souls uniting and deciding to mix it up and dance with all their might because of the Joy of their vows taken together that day! My heart felt like that on my wedding day and maybe we should have done this too! Could it be fear that holds us back? I believe, that "church" is not just a "place" but rather, its God's People rejoicing before Him as well as in humble worship and adoration and complete abandon before Him! We can combine these in worship too.

Let us not be so judgmental (I was a bit at first too) and remember that God desires our PRAISES and what better way than to dance! The bride and her groom were so happy, they danced together before the throne of God, I love it! A wedding is a celebration of love, life and laughter - go for it! Though putting in my 2 cents here, I do hope they are as much in love with the Lord of heaven as they are dancing with each other (its a good start though)... lets pray for this couple as they begin their lives together as husband and wife.

Jeremiah 31:13 Then shall the young women rejoice in the dance, and the young men and the old shall be merry. I will turn their mourning into joy; I will comfort them, and give them gladness for sorrow.

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