Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Funny Video from Josh!

During the past couple of days, I've noticed Josh imitating "something" that caught me off guard as I joyfully and surprisingly, laughed hysterically at his new discovery. It appears he may be imitating "feeding time" or mimicking us as we eat? He has been doing "this" quite often. Josh slowly brings his right arm up to his mouth and stares at it very intently then his little eyes cross - which is what we find of course, extremely hilarious! He is obviously trying to see something or maybe he is just in awe of how his hands and eyes can work simultaneously - its those little things that simply brighten my day and had to share with you!

Oh....there is a brief random family moment during this filming that includes Charles and Tony enjoying one of our favorite meals: "Dorito Taco Bags" as explained humorously by Charles. Then some silly dad moments too.

Enjoy the video as we captured him bouncing away at the dinner table last night...I couldn't resist recording this moment. Hope this brightens someone's day as you enjoy a good chuckle of irresistible cuteness!!!


  1. Oh! The joys of newborns. He's a little doll.

    I want to thank you for leaving such a thoughtful, honest comment over at Chrysalis.

    Have a wonderful weekend with your precious family.

    e-Mom @ Chrysalis

  2. Cute video! I remember Charlie doing that exact thing when he discovered his hands. I, too, took video! He was cracking me up with wiggling constantly too! Looks like you have a fun family!