Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Our Family Vacation - Pa Ren Faire!

Merry Music Band in the village

Lady Mom and Prince Joshua posing for daddy at the Mud Palace

Joust - This was SO COOL! the real life Gladiator experience...

Lady Mom, Spencer The Viking and Pirate Charles -
we found a small cave in the gardens for some shade!

Jousting arena

Human chess game - AWESOME!

Speaking to a local hunter working out a battle plan...

The finale show at the Globe Theater - absolutely wonderful
extremely talented staff!

The kissing bridge...
lady mom and lord dad were in the spirit of "Renaissance Romance"
and of course, our baby prince, Joshua

Dad and his knights enjoying the last of the evening show at the finale stage!

Near the entrance at the faire, so gorgeous...
the grounds are magnificent!

Tribal circus... world traveling comedic husband and wife team
they were very interesting and quite brave!

This was just too good to pass up, we spotted "The Pope" smoking a stogie!

Children's Discovery Garden - Boys playing "oversize" chess!

The sword shoppe - boys couldn't resist of course!

Gardens and fairies... just beautiful!

Elephant rides - that's not me with my boys :( but they didn't care!
Spencer was so brave to sit up front, look at that face...

Brothers Duel - The Fight Ring - this was hysterical! The object here
was to pop the balloons from your opponents shoulders - Congrats Charles!
They both had a blast and laughed the entire time, as everyone cheered them on for fun!

The Pirate Ship - boys loved this!

Couldn't resist an opportunity to BREAK something without getting in trouble!
I decided to partake in this activity too... relieved some stress :)

Laughter at the Mud Palace Show - Very funny actors and real mud!!!

Good Day! Hail Thee Lords & Ladies!

Josh's first visit with her majesty herself, The Queen!

Our Knights guarding The Queen

We spent the last of our summer vacation over the Labor Day holiday at the Pa Renaissance Faire "The Children's Fantasy Weekend Special" - for 3 days and 2 nights! We stayed at the Days Inn for our first days stay and the Hampton Inn during our last night. This was most enjoyable folks and one of the coolest places to visit! We were so entertained the entire time with the most beautiful gardens surrounding the village, improvising with the actors (with neat accents too) throughout the town - stage shows - the boys were "knighted" by the Queen herself - human chess game - cake with the Queen - elephant ride - ultimate joust - it literally seemed as though we were a part of a fantasy/gladiator/pirate movie ~ quite exciting to say the very least and of course the boys absolutely LOVED it!

(Parental Note: "some" people take this renaissance thing a bit too far in their "costumes" - just small word of caution - there were some distractions along the way - but if you understand the (era) you are entering then you'll understand)

Though, I would highly recommend planning a visit as a couple or with family and friends, its well worth it if you enjoy this sort of thing!

Located in Manheim, Pa - near Hershey!

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