Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Has She Lost It?

I have a newfound respect for mothers of twins or two or three babies for that matter all at once!
You are blessed and God has a wonderful purpose for each you and each one of your little cherubs...
After all the chatter about working at home, how stressful staying at home can be and caring for our little ones, I had an epiphany (well, I might call it that) Joshua needed some social interaction and so did I, so, I chose to open our home to the community for a special purpose, childcare - which is a full time ministry all by itself!

Can you believe I actually decided to take on an in-home childcare? No, I have not lost it folks, though I believe God has given me a new attitude about things lately and so I'm learning to thrive as I survive in raising my own children and now as a part time childcare provider for families in need.

Yes, and so it begins... I made the site and posted an ad in my community and here I am thinking "this should take a while to get inquiries" anyway, I have plenty of time to prepare for this and the like and wouldn't you believe the Lord sent me an adorable baby boy named, Eden to care for just one day after I posted it! Joshua and Eden are only a couple weeks apart, both April babies - What a blessing!

Please pray for me as I take on this new endeavor and blessing to fulfill God's purposes to help raise his little divine appointments :) I do have "one more" opening for either an infant or toddler (preferably)
You can view my new site at: http://mrsallenschildcare.webs.com for further details!

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