Friday, September 11, 2009

For Another Day... I say, Thank You, God

In memory of those who lived to die
so abruptly on 09/11/2001...

It's another day in the life as a mother and wife
tired and much a do round house
fond and sad memories cross my mind
regarding those times in my life

Will today be the day that I get taken away?
without warning, without fear,
without holding close those so dear...

May I never take You for granted Lord,
or forget even for a second who You Are!
even when You seem too quiet and so very far

May I always trust that You've got everything
in control out there
and find that blessings abound everywhere
in the midst of the chaos - You Are, Peace
in the midst of terror - You Are, Justice

You told me I have a divine purpose to fulfill
so, may my life be a reflection of Your will

Until that day... only You know the hour
may I learn to seek Holy glimpses of
Your divine power

poem from Your child, Nichole

Lord of Heaven, You Are our comforter no matter where we are or what is happening to us... sending prayers of Your grace giving peace to those families who are seeking answers from You, may they keep on bended knee and prayer throughout their lives now more than ever all for Your purposes.

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