Wednesday, May 20, 2009

KUDOS to my husband!

Often times, "random acts of service/kindness" toward others go unrecognized or worse intentionally ignored... Reminder to all the moms and wives out there - Let him know, tell him, show him with love! Earthly life is too short, Eternity is forever, make it count!!!
Well, I want to virtually recognize my husband for his awesomeness!
I want to BLESS my hubby today for his outstanding servant leadership during our family illness!
Tony's achievements included:
Improvisation through vomit clean up - multiple times in one day!
Bathroom clean up
Kitchen clean up
Juggling baby needs all day long - driving to Josh's 1month check up at pediatrics to get his first shot with another ill child!
Preparing meals, being understanding, proactive in sharing in mom's daily routine, even mowing the lawn and last but not least, without hesitation, took the day OFF from work, to be home and do all of this for me! WAY TO GO Tony... For all that you do, I love you and thank God for You!
He's becoming quite the chef these days too... maybe a restaurant entrepreneurial experience is not far behind?You'd be awesome and I look forward to serving along with you wherever we're together...

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