Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Hold the phone...I'm Addicted!

I don't know exactly what I was thinking in this photo, but it looks "serious" enough for this particular thought provoking post:
Everybody, I've noticed I've gone a bit "clip art crazy" and now added a special feature of classical music to set the mood for my "mommy blog"... what is happening! Right before my very own eyes and finger tips, I've been caught up in the web and all that glitters with bells and whistles...believe me, I couldn't stop for a while today (while baby was sleeping of course) but I must have saved and searched for over 50 images to post on my personal blog, I thinking too highly of myself and my blog? I must admit there are some tough competitors out wonderful they all are, everyone's family seems quite perfect, at least that's what pictures reveal sometimes, stories too! Or maybe subconsciously, I want to find favor with everyone who glances at it? or possibly I want more "followers" to feel important for a moment... Even more honestly, as I open my heart to you reader, I want you to be inspired and encouraged in your womanhood, motherhood and for you to meet Jesus like I have (a former beggar...who found the Bread of Life, Jesus!) and experience Him so you can know what true love feels and looks like! Imperfect but listening...I can still feel and be human and post thoughts like this, but the Lord fights my battles today and everyday as long as I come to Him...

Some other random thoughts today...could it be God needs ME to rest a while and remember the important things that matter most like "real life" people for starters, it's so easy to pour our hearts, testimonies and life stories with photos and everything onto the web where we don't necessarily have to face anyone directly for fear of discrimination or even constructive criticism?... Do we think God cares about it as much as we do? Do we think He'll love us more if we share through our blogs, sites etc.??? Let's let Him, the Holy One, speak to our hearts today... crickets chirping? "And the TRUTH shall set us free sisters we know it!
Maybe, I've been in my house too long, need to take that walk I promised myself the other day.

Mind you, I've been juggling my day dealing joyfully with baby needs, cuddling, feeding, phone calls, making the most ridiculous silly noises I never thought I had those talents, as Josh peers at me with a look of confusion? Oh, and every mom's favorite time of day - the non-stop diapering, then eagerly sang my heart out to my son as he was crying, I know what he was thinking: 'mommy stop it, stop all the noises and singing and just hold me still" and then I danced and bounced him around with the little bit of energy I mustered up! Ha! How silly I must truly look to him...however, I can see how addicting this blogging can become - I couldn't wait to fill my next page with more photos and ramblings for today! Oooops, forgot those dishes, oooops, forgot to get the mail, ooops, forgot to finish, that can wait, can't it?

Moral of today's ramblings...Let's take special care to see to it that our homes (this includes our own sanity) don't go without our TLC before the kids and hubby arrives with a whole new set of issues, chores, responsibilities awaken without the proper energy and mindset!

PRAY WOMAN PRAY! Help me Lord to control these "web attractions" its just too easy to do (WOW, where does the time go?) I want to maintain "Real Life" relationships not primarily with this convenient "imachine"! Praise God, I can come to Him anytime and He'll listen, because He actually loves me... unlike this mechanical box in the corner of my room can never give me that kind of attention anyway no matter how long I get caught up in the web! Hooray for God!!! Give Him a Shout Out!

... That's all for today, promise! I'm flattered you're checking out my blog, but truth be told, every one of our lives are important, interesting and wonderful in many ways and God wants it to be like that...but God is most important above all- Let's see to it that we talk about Him more often! ... Nichole Allen

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  1. Nichole, I also have a blog and I relate to your post. I'm not saying I have this down, but I have had to purposely stop thinking about what I call the "blog entries I'm composing in my head". It's been a fun outlet for me and I consider it a scrapbook of sorts for my kids someday, but it's easy to get your pride involved. So I've been trying not to over-involve myself! Not easy, and like I said, I'm still working on it ... but it's good you're thinking about these things. What matters is what is REAL (God, family, friends), NOT cyberspace! :)
    Love ya! Amy Smith (here's my blog address too!