Sunday, April 18, 2010

Post Party Photos & Video

Joshua had a delightfully, tasty birthday party this
weekend! He's ONE and thoroughly enjoyed every
piece of

My personal favorite photo all the while, clapping his hands

WOW.... This icing is COOL!

Help... my arm is blue, but I just can't help myself!

Genuardi's makes the BEST icing ever!!!

Our family was so excited for Josh's fun day...
Our oldest boys had a baseball game the same day,
Needless to say, a VERY busy day for all, well... Mom :)

Mom and Dad... another year passes so quickly. Enjoy
each moment you have with your children!

Here's the anticipated video of Josh's shining
moment as he discovers... CAKE!!!!


  1. I love that you let him go at it with that cake! We did the same with our children on their first birthdays. Such fun.

  2. Happy Birthday Joshua! I love the photos... can't wait to make Chloe her own little cake (okay, I CAN wait. don't grow up too fast little Chloe!!)