Sunday, April 11, 2010

Don't Grow Weary Moms... God is near!

Let us not become weary in doing good,
for at the proper time we will reap a harvest
if we do not give up. Gal. 6:9

Hey Moms!
I've got a challenge for you...

Do you find it difficult to smile or rejoice lately?
Even PRAY? Is it frustrating when every dish is dirty
in the sink and you find them elsewhere too?
When you put on a new shirt and dress up for your hubby
and your baby (or toddler) has spit up all day and all over
you instead? Or if you are a single parent and you don't
know what to do next, you've been feeling helpless?
When your child just doesn't want to sleep?
When the laundry is just never-ending in my household
("a mosh pit") and you find more baskets overflowing upstairs,
when you thought it was all finished? How about when there is a
moment of relaxation (they are there) and you go to take time to
lay down, relax or read and then in a blink of an eye, a scream, cry
or call awakens this tiny bit of freedom you feel is so long overdue?
When you teach your child over and over, the same routine and
they "still" don't get it? Stressed or even thoughts of failure
come to mind...

I've been there too! Maybe you can relate somehow to some of this
but, I get caught up in the daily routine of motherhood, as I'm
called to do, however, at times with a sour attitude or a harried type
of mothering, instead of taking each joy, struggle or challenge
with a bit of humility and calming the storms
(instead, I have brought on more storms) I'm happy to share though,
I'm doing MUCH better, with God as my leader this time!
God has reminded me of this so clearly through seeing constantly,
and finally accepting that we are all imperfect people and our kids are too,
BUT IT'S TOTALLY OKAY!!! If you're like me, I must fix every
problem, or have a solution ready and working immediately before the
next thing or stepping on my husband's fatherly duty, Lord forgive me.
Good luck with that mom, doesn't "usually" happen like that does it?

The Lord wants me (us) to call to Him more
in those moments (do I?) (do you?) so He can make the path clearer for
me to mother my children in times of stress and chaos with a
heart of Joy and to be an encourager to them!
I must make this known though,
Not to overlook or give up being passive, instead, to be the
source of knowledge, love and encouraging correction they desperately
need to grow and mature. I'm learning as I go here too... You know,
now that I think of it...
socks on the floor is nothing to get all "huffy" about all of the time! lol

The Lord is teaching me to be more like Him means absolutely,
giving up my reasoning, my rights every day and using His Patient
wisdom and unchanging knowledge that I've gained through
Christ to lovingly teach, train and nurture.

When selfish manners need correction,
a mom is called, when greedy behaviors are taking place, a mom
is called, when our kids are hurt physically or emotionally, a mom
is called. But even more revealing to me, is that GOD IS NEAR
every moment of testing and trial, He is for our family and cares
for us most deeply. Let's never forget that!

Take a moment with me and see our children through the
eyes of God and give yourself some slack, a break and start
to learn to encourage yourself in this high calling!
He trusts You with them - forgive yourself and move on...

The Lord gave these little cherubs to us because He
knew we COULD do it! Let's replace those bad attitudes
and get humble daily to remind ourselves that our children
are not just "our own", but God's Holy property, not burdens
but beautiful bouncing blessings who have an assignment to
fulfill like the rest of us! Have you ever thought about that?
Dear Sweet Lord, forgive me (us) for those
selfish times, and thank You for convicting my spirit about this.

This is an important season to mother very closely and to embrace
it so they can be all that You God called them to be for your
Kingdom, not my made up fantasy "american dream" world.
We are raising them to be on their own someday...
It helps to think more (eternally) when it comes to our kids
(it really helps take a load off when you look at it like that).
Who will they serve? What will they do with their lives?
It begins with Your image Mother, the one you bear
at home when no one else is looking but your little ones
(what do our children really observe?) and this applies to Fathers
too! You see, We can't do this alone... God IS NEAR.

How beautiful is this call to Motherhood... A need so desperately
broken in today's generation. We give up too easily, maybe we've
lost the motivation or are just lazy about it? Everyone has excuses.

Every chance we get to hang out with our friends, family and
neighbors, let's joyfully remind other moms of how appreciative
God is of them, as they embrace this beautiful life changing challenge
with the gift of motherhood. Share with them and remind yourself,
that It's our time to be servants of the Holiest King - that's a pretty
important role! When times get tough,
and they will... we HAVE A GOD, named JESUS who is eagerly,
patiently waiting to hear our cries, our struggles, our joys, our
pain - to mend our hearts to help others find Hope and Peace
through God alone.

Investing in the lives of PEOPLE is our greatest natural resource.
I hear my little one now,
calling me!

Let's answer the Call with Love and Grace as we hug these little ones
and steer them into the Way of everlasting life with Jesus.

We are never alone.

After a hard days work... enjoy!

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