Thursday, December 31, 2009

A New Thought for the New Year

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Warning: This is a long one folks, hope you're up for it,
because I believe strongly there will be a blessing from it!!

I'm tired of the old adage, "New Year's Resolutions"
quickly followed by the "shoulda, coulda, woulda's"
that's not all, then the "I'm gonna', and I will's"
but never do's!" (for all those grammar
enthusiasts, this sentence was deliberate)

How about a new thought for the new year!
Is anybody game for this?

I was reading some devotions this morning and one quote in
particular really struck me. It says, "Being deprived of something
you desire is better than having something you despise."

This quote is my running theme of this message by the way.
First thought... Ah! WHAT? That's from a selfish perspective of course.
But seriously, read that again and then again. Does this make sense
to anybody? My guess... not a first sight!
But then, after re-reading it, it occurred to me that it makes
total sense but can be quite a challenge to admit and here's
the kicker... accept it!

As far as my personal desires... gee, where do I start? I have probably
too many of them, some justified, realistic... others, I could still
live without. God knows em, in fact, He knows everyone's desires,
which is where this story gets more interesting... or at least, I think

"Delight yourself in the LORD and He will give you the desires
of your heart" Ps. 37:4.

After remembering and reading this scripture verse, I'm
thinking, but why God, why do you take SO LONG to
answer them??? Does anybody else go through this?
Then, His spirit tugs on me again, Nichole, 'have you
really been delighting yourself in (Me) the Lord?" OR
are you relying too much on others to satisfy? Ouch!
Sometimes, I really dislike the truth, because it hurts.

Now that first quote is really making sense isn't it?
But its that dreadful word: DEPRIVED that
saddens me and even, some may agree, disappoints
honestly. I can't help but think about this verse
when I hear that word, DEPRIVED."1 Corinthians 13:1-3,
something like, ...but do not have LOVE, it profits me

The crux of the matter:
The bible speaks about this subject more deeply in
1 Corinthians 7:5 -
Stop depriving one another, except by agreement for a time,
so that you may devote yourselves to prayer, and come together
again so that Satan will not tempt you because of your lack
of self-control.
I believe, this quote applies to every part of our lives, not
just intimately.

In closing...
Here's the NEW THOUGHT for you and me:
Let's STOP depriving one another and challenge
this quote to its limit! Then, when you do, and still
nothing changes around you (lest you begin to
despise others), remember, God has your back
and will commit and fulfill His promises for your life
no matter how difficult it can be to live without.

Just LOVE, when people fail us, Just LOVE
when husbands won't understand and seem
angry all the time, Just LOVE
when wives are emotional and you can't figure
her out, Just LOVE, when parents
push our nerves, Just LOVE, when children make
mistakes, Just LOVE, when your friend forgets
something special, Just LOVE, when churches
fall away or apart, Just LOVE, when presidents follow
their hearts instead of God, Just LOVE, when a co-worker
refuses to cooperate, Just LOVE, when neighbors aren't
there for you, Just LOVE, when relationships don't seem
to ever look up or are unwilling to change, Just LOVE,
when landlords are greedy, Just LOVE,
when you are misunderstood, Just LOVE,
when someone gossips about you, Just LOVE,
when dreams are unfulfilled, Just LOVE,
when a loved one devastates you, Just LOVE,
when you are out of money and a ton of bills,
Just LOVE, when you
get what you want and find out its not what
you need, Just LOVE, when
your self-esteem is low, Just LOVE, when
promises are broken, Just LOVE.

LOVE... what does it really mean?
Seek Jesus Christ, He'll give you the strength to
even LOVE the unlovable.

We all have desires,
so why not BE the vessel God wants, to fulfill it for
others? Otherwise, you may very well end up
looking like the clipart image above if you don't act now...

Life is too short, lets start
loving through our actions, not just with our
thinking caps!

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  1. Neat post, Nichole. I appreciate your insight into the quote and your heart's desire to desire Him alone. Looking forward to see how God blesses you and your family in 2010 -