Thursday, December 24, 2009

Jesus arrived... for us!

People were bringing little children
to Jesus to have him touch them,
but the disciples rebuked them.
When Jesus saw this,
he was indignant.
He said to them,
"Let the little children come to me,
and do not hinder them,
for the kingdom of God
belongs to such as these.
I tell you the truth,
anyone who will not receive
the kingdom of God
like a little child
will never enter it."
And he took the children
in his arms, put his hands on them
and blessed them.
Mark 10:13-16

As another Christmas season comes to pass, I'm thinking about the
reason we celebrate this moment. I've been known to get caught up
in the movement with the rest of the world during this time, you know,
fast paced shopping, spending, spending, spending, not spending
quality time with those close because I have too much on my plate to
handle with the holidays, "it can wait" mindset and
then wondering if my children will really enjoy the gifts we bought for
them and dare I say, IF it was enough...

The Holy Spirit has been patient with me and has been tugging on
my heart strings during those busy times and so I've decided to
stop and listen realizing and bringing back into perspective that,
God is greater than me and "my shopping", because He is greater
than all of the toys and other material possessions out there...
because He is worthy and enough for me and that is what I want
my boys to know.

As I look at Joshua in this photo, that song comes to mind: "be
careful little eyes what you see..." and basking in his innocence
and don't want him to ever lose that! However, knowing that
because we are all born in sin, we can still make opportunities
to guide them away from evil pursuits and teach them the
Good News (aka: The Gospel) that Jesus came to SAVE -
He really didn't have to people, but, He did! All because
we matter to Him. We love, because He first loved us...

I am so excited to see what God has in store for my
children's lives, as they too, have a purpose to fulfill for the
kingdom and that is so cool to me!

Remembering the Lord and feeling so grateful for the God Man, Jesus,
who physically came down off of His throne to become one of us,
and bonus, in the form of a baby growing through adolescence into
adulthood... did you catch that? He physically left His place on High
for you and me and discovered all of our temptations and fought
them and succeeded!
Logic would conclude... that that, makes Him The One who
we CAN fully trust and have faith in!
WOW... have you ever really thought
deeply about that part of the Christmas story, The most
Holiest of all, Almighty King became
man in the flesh... human.

May this post and those coming thereafter reflect Jesus, the
One true God of the universe, His universe.
The coolest thing ever... is that, Jesus is preparing me, my kids
and you, if you believe, for Holy worship in all of its forms and much
more we can't even fathom, for eternity with God!
What a truly magnificent
place that must truly be.

So, as our lives unfold, may they be as bold as our living King and
an honest example that, God IS alive and well within us and shaping His
people for great things!

Merry Christmas my brothers, my sisters... my family!

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  1. LOVE this post! Precious pics throughout! Be careful little children what you see-gets to me every time I hear it. I pray that I will always keep that in mind and love with the love of Christ.