Thursday, August 13, 2009

Run for Your Life - Video

Feeling a bit passionate today and came across
this delightfully moving video/message....

What has happened to our passion for Christ in the
church today?
I believe this man has the right idea... decide for yourself.

Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits,
whether they are of God; because many false prophets
have gone out into the world. 1John 4:1

Had to share this with you today as an example
of a leader out there who truly cares
for our eternal souls - as every good
leader/pastor would!

So, why aren't we holding our leaders and
pastors accountable?

For God so loved the world... but we are too
laid back in our freedoms today,
we've even legalized sinful behaviors?

Spiritual complacency is VERY scary to me
as I've been there
before not to mention, its quite dangerous
for our souls. We desperately need to seek
Jesus before, during and after worship services and
If we are NOT getting messages in church that convict
us of our sin, even in our safe Christianity,
then we need a serious wake up
call to our elders and pastors as they are
shepherding the congregations all over today and very
well could be leading us off of God's path!
"Matthew 7:13"

Stand up for The Truth, God's Word, before more
souls perish without Him. Do we even care?
God is SO Holy we can't even fathom
and our sin is SO serious to Him! We have a
responsibility as believers especially. Let's
help each other out more often and stop
allowing sin to reign free under our noses.
Stop (voting) for
immorality, feministic views, economic
"so called" security... lies and the list
goes on...we all know who and what they are!
We were not made to have our "ears tickled" and
live so comfortably as they say...
but to Live according to God's standards, period.
Dear God,
Let us get back to the 10 Holy Commandments
and realize they are not "10 suggestions".
Revelation is coming... and we need each other.
Will you believe and
make a real Godly change?

Here's some ideas to get started:
PRAY WITH ME: Awesome Lord of heaven, You are
wonderful and so forgiving, help
me to remember how Holy you truly are Jesus.
As we pray we are literally entering into
Your Holy Presence and should not take it
lightly any longer. Create in me a new passion
for You to seek You, to know Your Truth,
Lord, to take You more seriously!
So that I can be free to live to glorify You! The
world is pressuring us by the minute, we are
so weak and want to have You transform us
with Your Holy Spirit, the living water for our lives...
Thank You for this day and for Your Holy promises.

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