Monday, August 24, 2009

Amanda's Baby Shower - My Cousins

Yesterday, I went to my cousin's (you see, the one with
all the silly ribbons and things) baby shower,
held at Georgine's Restaurant in Bucks County (great food).
These are all the girls from my mom's side of the family,
though, one more is missing (Danielle) she jetted out earlier on...
(the girls always throw me near the center of photos because
I'm the shortest (adult) and we were running out of room for the camera
lens to stretch, "ha ha") but I do miss everyone so much
and was so happy to celebrate with them!!
Was also fun fun fun shopping for little girl stuff too ;)
This is Amanda... glowing, tearful and tired as you can imagine -
she is due in September.
It's her first child as a Newly Wed and we are
so happy for her! Ah, the joys, cries are only beginning... lol

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